The five best prams to push

The Cybex Priam pram available at Fenwick Newcastle

Oh the joys of buying a new buggy, writes Alice Olins. A rite of passage for every new parent, it is also an exercise in complete mind and body confusion. Do you value aeronautical levels of functionality, or are you more of a big shopping basket kind of person? Is the SPF level of your sun canopy higher or lower than the number of years the buggy company has been in existence? And what about the colour of the stitching? Or the cut of the foot muff? And then you need to think about the overall depth of padding around the head.

Yes these are all questions you have never asked yourself before; now though, as you tiptoe through the jungle of different, confusing, expensive baby travel systems, they become of extreme importance.

Below are our top new styles for summer. Let’s call it a gift to the confused.


bugaboo van gogh

From the outset, this is not an obvious collaboration, what with the ear cutting and everything, but both Bugaboo and Van Gogh are celebrating anniversaries this year. Fifteen and 125 years respectively, these two Dutch originals have come together to create a special, beautiful new take on a buggy. In 1890, Van Gogh painted his ethereal Almond Blossom series, inspired by the trees in Saint-Remy. He created the works as a gift to his newborn nephew Vincent Willem. These white and peach blooms, which Bugaboo has recreated on its latest design, represent new beginnings.

The Tech

  • To reflect the special nature of the Van Gogh print, the sun canopy has a new silk look and feel that retains all the specialised properties – water repellent, machine washable – associated with Bugaboo.
  • The green, leather-look handle bar echoes the colour of Van Gogh’s branches; the chassis is also coated green, which makes a pleasant departure from black.
  • There are matching accessories including bassinet, breezy sun canopy and foot muff.
  • The Bugaboo Bee3 is a compact, light buggy for newborn to toddler. There is a new carrycot attachment, an extendable sun canopy and the seat grows with your children – extending, reversing and reclining in a few clicks. The one-piece fold makes it easy to collapse, carry and store.



PriamLux Seat Autumn Gold Denim A280 PRIAM A510 CYBEX

American designers Ray and Charles Eames created modern interior classics by combining functionality and style. The Cybex Priam is a tribute to their ethos and vision. Cybex is a young, dynamic company that has blended the holy trinity of buggies: ease-of-use, style and safety. According to Cybex insiders, the Priam is Californian Modernism at its best. Think of a sprawling, contemporary garden in the Hollywood hills; then add one perfectly gorgeous family and you get the backdrop onto which the Priam most happily sits. Luckily, it will also look gorgeous on British shores and during British thunderstorms.

The Tech

  • The Priam frame can accommodate a pushchair with matching carrycot, an award-winning Cybex infant seat and later, a luxurious, reversible buggy seat.
  • There are three Priam wheels: light for smooth asphalt, all terrain for bumpy pavements and trekking for city and country.
  • Going skiing? The Priam has a tiny ski attachment in place of a front wheel for the ultimate Ski Mummy Bunny situation.
  • Collapsing the buggy and reclining the seat takes just one hand and the system includes an extendable, SPF 50+ sun canopy. As a neat finishing touch, the buggy seat has been aligned to typical table heights so that you also have a built-in highchair.



iCandy DC Classic 1 edit

For lovers of long-standing talent, the British brand iCandy boasts over 80 years of innovative, child-related product launches. The Peach, one of its most popular travel systems celebrates its fifth anniversary this summer. As a token of iCandy’s devotion to the Peach, it is unveiling two limited editions: The Black and The Classic. The former has Shoreditch cool; its all dark, moody and fashionable. Whilst the latter (pictured) has a softer, more retro feel, mixing blue, turquoise and wood. These buggies not only look good, their performance is on another level too. iCandy uses aeronautical technology to enhance its products; apparently, the standard of engineering rivals an aeroplane. Now that’s something to shout about in the playground.

The Tech

  • The Peach includes a unique elevator mechanism that raises the seat unit to allow for increased interaction between parent and child.
  • The lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium chassis comes in at a very back-friendly 13.2kg including wheels and seat unit
  • The wheels – in in amazing orange for the black or fresh cream for the classic edition – are large enough to be able to tackle all sorts of lumps and bumps. They are low profile, durable and are impossible to puncture. Good news full stop.
  • The extra large shopping basket, which looks best, stuffed with Louboutin shoeboxes, can also manage up to 5kgs of supermarket groceries; it is not only gigantic but also easy to access.



Silver cross

Savile Row, it's a British institution. Its tailors are experts at cut, quality and bespoke attention to details. For its latest offering, Silver Cross has harnessed these Savile Row qualities and transported them into the world of buggies. No, your child will not travel in a three-piece suit; instead, the buggy fabrics have been re-imagined in high quality Eton grey flannel, which is held together with finely detailed stitching. The discreet chrome highlights act like a pair of shiny brogues, to quietly lift the overall look of this sophisticated travel system.

The Tech

  • Fashion is at the backbone of this glorious piece of British design. And as such, Silver Cross thought it fitting to include a stylish tote bag. Well, what better way to a parents’ heart than via their own wardrobe?
  • The special edition, lightweight magnesium alloy chassis is finished in high quality, hardwearing gloss black for some more nods to understated style.
  • The luxury flannel hood and apron set come included in the price and can be used for both the newborn carrycot and the pushchair mode.
  • Your little style setter will be held in place by some rather fashionable shoulder and lap pads in the same Eton grey fabric and finished with delicate red, white and blue detailing.



Joolz Geo Seat Lower seat Lobster red Brown HR1

It takes a clever set of designers to come up with this environmentally friendly idea: the Geo’s cardboard packaging can be transformed into sustainable children’s toys. Joolz will also plant a new tree in their growing Columbian forest, to mark the birth of your child - now that is how to make environmental awareness modern and personal. The Joolz Birth Forest is a compensation for its ecological footprint and fittingly, its newest buggy, the Geo, takes inspiration from the world around us. In five Earth colours (everything from Turtle Green to Lobster Red) and boasting a leather-style bumper bar, it’s the last word in natural parenting.

The Tech

  • The four-wheel suspension means that a bit of clumsy pavement manoeuvring will not disturb your sleeping baby. The Geo also has excellent steering and can be controlled with a single hand, even with two children in tow and a full shopping basket.
  • Another bun in the oven? No need to buy an expensive double buggy, the Geo will adapt to carry your expanding brood. It can handle twins, a baby and a toddler, one sleeper and an awake child…the combinations are endless.
  • The Geo carrycot is spacious and comes with a hypoallergenic, breathable mattress and soft zone around the head of the child.
  • For steamy summer days, well it is inspired by the jungle, the sun hood features an Air Top – a nifty, hidden ventilation space made from a breathable mesh fabric that can be opened to keep it breezy around your baby.

Prams available at Fenwick Newcastle and Kingston

By Alice Olins