Evanesce Launch

A beautifully packaged Organic Virgin Coconut Oil of the highest quality, aimed at the skin care and gift markets.

Using Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) for skin care is a strong trend;
Evanesce Crème combines the finest Organic VCO with stunning packaging
to satisfy consumer demand.

A year of research, testing and sourcing from all production regions resulted in the highest grade of oil for Evanesce Crème - Organic, Ultra-Cold Extracted, Virgin Coconut Oil from Thailand. This provided the best balance between keeping the odour low, maintaining the highest levels of nutrients & anti-oxidants that are vital to skin cell rejuvenation and smooth application.


This incredible oil has multiple health benefits, when applied to the skin. Evanesce branding is focused on the moisturising/anti-ageing properties but other external uses include – Make-Up Removal, Shaving, Lip Balm, Cracked Heels, Insect Bites, Tattoo Treatment and wound/scar tissue healing.


Lauric acid is a powerful virus and gram-negative bacteria destroyer, and VCO contains the highest levels lauric acid of any substance on Earth. VCO’s naturally high anti-oxidant content fights the free radicals in your skin to reduce the signs of ageing in the most natural way.

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