Find the perfect fit

A good quality sports bra is a must, whether you’re performing yoga poses or running a marathon, it’s important you feel comfortable and supported.

Our lingerie buyer, Angela, shares her tips to finding the perfect sports bra for you.

Get the right style for your size

Compression shelf bra styles are great for smaller cups sizes or for low to moderate-impact workouts such as yoga or walking.
For cup sizes C+ then sports bras with individual cups and ‘encapsulated’ styles offer more support. Most sports bras follow regular cup sizing but it is important to try on each bra to ensure it fits in all the right places.

Get the right style for your workout

For high-impact activity such as running or HIIT it’s all about reducing that bounce. You need a moulded, individual cup bra with minimal stretch, which can be easily adjusted. Wide shoulder straps and a snug fit across the back will also increase support, without restricting movement. Make sure you try a ‘bounce test’ in the changing rooms to ensure everything stays in place.
For low intensity activity look for a light fabric that allows for lots of movement, and while shelf bras do a good job, make sure they shape you rather than flatten you.

Trust in the experts

It’s just as important to get professionally fitted for a sports bra as it is your everyday bra. A huge number of women are wearing the wrong size bra and this is just as true for their sporty counterparts. Professional fitters can check that the bra is fitting in all the correct places, recommend different styles to suit your shape and can ensure the bra is suitable for your intended activity.

Many of our sports bras come with a J Clip fitting to convert the bra into a racer back, so you can hide or expose your straps, no matter the style of your sports top.

Angela and her team are on hand at Fenwick Brent Cross, to guide you into the right sports bra in the Lingerie Department, Level 3.

Take a look at a few of our top picks below:

Freya Active, £38

Freya Active, £40

Panache Sport, £38

Panache Sport, £40

Triumph Triaction, £44

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