Grizas AW16

Grizas philosophy is to offer beautifully tailored designs made in natural fabrics like linen, silk, wool and cotton to make every woman wearing their clothes feel beautiful and exceptional.

This seasons Autumn/Winter collection is no exception with a colour pallet of plum, khaki green a must-have colour for this year, plus soft floaty tops for every occasion.


The GRIZAS brand was founded more than 20 years ago. At that time the idea of wanting clothes from natural fabrics began to grow. After a long investigation, the owner of the company came to the conclusion that there were almost no clothes manufacturers that could offer clothes in natural fabrics and interesting designs. And then came an idea of starting a company that could offer women an opportunity to express themselves wearing interesting styles made from natural fabrics. Day by day GRIZAS brand earned the trust and admiration of the customers. And now they just cannot stop buying GRIZAS clothes.

After more than 20 years GRIZAS clothes are being shown and sold not only in Europe but also in United States of America, Canada and Asia. And every year GRIZAS is expanding the area.


Many people wear natural fabrics mostly for ecological reasons, however natural fibres characterize in breathability, temperature regulation, durability, water absorption, antimicrobial properties and GRIZAS brand offers a wide variety of natural fabrics, such as:

Linen – material made from the fibres of the flax plant. Main advantages: highly absorbent, good conductor of heat, easy care, strong fabric, unique antibacterial qualities, environmental filter, strongest energy of all fibres;
Silk – natural protein fibre obtained from cocoons made by the larvae of silkworms. Main advantages: most hypoallergenic, all-climate fabric, relatively robust and strong, washes easily and more;
Wool – natural fabric made of animal hair. Main advantages: breathability, temperature regulation and antimicrobial;
Cotton – soft usually white fibrous substance made from cotton.

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