Meet the Porch Fairies

Introducing the beautiful Thinking of you card from The Porch Fairies' collection.

There is a story to tell in all of the cards from The Porch Fairies' collection, the beautiful cards are full of detail - each design is printed from an original illustration and you see something new every time you look.  Every card is hand-finished by a real glitter fairy to give it extra sparkle.

The "'Thinking of You" card gives wishes of fortitude and courage in a tree of hope and kind thoughts, with a little rabbit giving the precious gift of love. Wonderful for any age, for many situations. It tells the recipient that however they are feeling, they are beautiful, they are not alone, and they are being thought about.

In celebration of Thinking of You Week, join Fiona and Nick from the Porch Fairies on Sunday 2 October from 12 - 3pm in the Cards department, Ground Floor.

2016 09 15 29 OCTH01 Thinking of You

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