Party pieces from the Sandwich Collection

Sandwich gets ready for the PARTY season

Every woman has a personal twist, those little quirks that make her distinctive, funny and charming. Sandwich cherishes the details that make every woman unique and takes this fact as a starting point in developing every collection. At first glance, the brand represents a down-to-earth look. But when you come closer and get to know Sandwich better, you see the twists, the details that make every item unique, sometimes striking but more often subtle.

December is a month full of parties. And we are also fond of them at Sandwich. Flattering dresses with long or 3/4 sleeves, the key item being a party dress made from coated lace with comfortable jersey. You can count on the Sandwich winter collection in this hectic month.

The Sandwich twist is in the combination of materials. For example, by combining leather with jersey and using copper-coloured lurex accents, the collection acquires the right dose of excitement, with a contemporary result.

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