Setting The Table

Before your friends and family arrive, add some Christmas touches to your table for a festive-filled meal.

We've put together some ideas to help you set the table in fine festive style.

Find these in store at Fenwick Kingston.


setting the table

You can even make the wine look its best for the big day! Pour it from the Le Creuset Vitesse Decanter wine fountain carafe.


Cook, Lower Ground Floor.

Crack those nuts perfectly (and without too much mess!) with the OXO nut cracker


Cook, Lower Ground Floor.

Lay the table with this Dazzle gold 2 cutlery set from Rayware.

All sets contain 4 table forks, 4 table knives, 4 dessert spoons and 4 teaspoons.


Dine, Lower Ground Floor.

Make sure everyone has their party hat on! These cute elf crackers from Meri Meri are perfect for kids and adults alike.


Gifts, Lower Ground Floor.

Bring out a great festive cheeseboard after the Christmas pud. These chutneys for cheese from Cottage Delight will compliment all sorts of cheeses.


Food, Lower Ground Floor.

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