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We asked creative director of Kurt Geiger, Rebecca Farrar-Hockley, to answer all of our stylish party footwear questions.
"Shoes are like ice-cream," says Kurt Geiger's Creative Director Rebecca Farrar-Hockley. "You can always make space for more." This winter, with the brand's shoes looking more tempting than ever, we couldn't agree more. So before we hit the dancefloor, we asked Farrar-Hockley what makes _The Britton_ stiletto (as worn by everyone from Beyonce to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) so irresistible? And which style is the answer to every footsore fashionista's prayers?
###### I think of scarlet shoes like red lipstick - they go with everything I’ll always remember my first pair of red shoes and even now, scarlet shoes are my signature as I find whatever my outfit they somehow always work. If I could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of my life it would be a red stiletto. But what a thought! (Britton red heels, £250, [Kurt Geiger London](
###### Flats make a great choice for evening The biggest trend for party shoes this Christmas is laced sandals and shoes with stars, stones and sparkle. We have also designed flats that combine function with full-on fantasy. The big trends are slippers and skaters in touchy-feely velvet with brooches and bows. And the LBB (little black boot) is always a go-to for the party season. (Lavish flats, £69, KG Kurt Geiger).
###### Shoes are like ice cream, you can always make space for more. As well as being beautiful, I find a heel gives me confidence. I'm tiny and shoes are the only things to make you taller! (Bailey courts, £110, KG Kurt Geiger).
###### I’ve stopped counting my shoes At the last count it was over 500 pairs. I love shoes and I am an avid collector so I now have my very own shoe chandelier to catalogue them. I don't have a pair that are particularly meaningful. I wouldn’t say I'm sentimental about shoes but seeing [_Mad Men_'s] Jon Hamm wearing our men’s collection was a memorable moment. (Bond black lace boot, £270, Kurt Geiger London)
###### Shoes speak louder than words It’s an incredibly exciting time for accessories and particularly shoes. Accessories have cult status. They transform your shape and you don't have to have a model's proportions to fit into them. (Solo black boots, £130, KG Kurt Geiger).
###### Our stilettos are perfect for party hopping Coveted by stylish women all over the world from Beyonce to Sandra Bullock, our signature Kurt Geiger London stilettos would be my choice to go party-hopping in this Christmas. Crafted in Italy, the metal pin-heel gives a seriously sexy silhouette. _The Britton_ and _Bond_ are the perfect blend of practicality and craftsmanship. (Bond stiletto, £270, Kurt Geiger London)
###### There’s more to life than shoes… there’s bags too! If I had to be reincarnated as an accessory I would rather come back as a bag and be elevated to arm-candy status. As a bag you would also hold all of the secrets. (Britton pouch, £150, Kurt Geiger London).
[Kurt Geiger]( shoes are available in Fenwick stores nationwide.

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