Samsung 10 year screen burn warranty

Samsung's Quantum dot technology

Our Quantum dot TVs surpass Ultra HD Premium standards without being susceptible to screen burn. We are so confident in our screen technology that we can offer you a 10 year screen burn warranty.

This is particularly impressive when you consider SUHD Quantum dot TVs have 64 times more colours than conventional UHD TVs and achieve 1000nit brightness levels with HDR 1000 to display Ultra HD Premium content exactly as the creator intended.

2016 SUHD TV Quantum Dot PC 1200x800

Register your Samsung SUHD Quantum dot TV to receive a 10 year screen burn warranty. 

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What is Screenburn?

So called screen burn or burn-in can happen when you display a fixed image, logo or ticker bar for a long period of time on screen. Some manufacturers’ warranties are not valid if you leave the same image on screen for a period longer than an hour. When screen burn happens the pixels become damaged and retain the colour that they have previously been displaying. This is called ‘image sticking’ or ‘ghosting’ and means that the screen image or logo stays on the screen whatever content you are trying to watch.

Watching films, news tickers, sports channels with static logos and gaming can be more susceptible to screen burn. Be safe in the knowledge you can enjoy incredible Ultra HD Premium picture quality whatever you watch.

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Experience incredible Ultra HD Premium picture quality

SUHD Quantum dot TVs lead the way with premium picture quality achieving Samsung’s widest colour range and best brightness levels. Quantum dot expresses over 1 billion colours breathing life into each and every one of them, which ensures Samsung can offer the most amount of screens surpassing Ultra HD Premium standards today.

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Contact us to find out which Samsung Quantum dot TVs that are eligible for the 10 year screen burn warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products are eligible for the 10 year screen burn warranty?
All 2016 SUHD Quantum dot models sold from a participating retailer in the UK and Ireland.

What retailers are participating?
Please check the website for participating retailers as we will add retailers to the list as soon as they are running this warranty offer.

When do I have to register?
You must register your product and purchase details within 90 days of purchase. The promotion runs from the 1st August 2016 to the 31st March 2017.

How do I register my product for the 10 year screen burn warranty?
At use your current Samsung account or register for a new Samsung account. Next log in and upload your purchase details including retailer, product, serial number and an electronic copy/image of the invoice/receipt.

What is a valid proof of purchase?
You will need to submit a copy or image of your TV receipt/invoice as proof of purchase. These should include details on the product purchased, store details and purchase date.

What happens if I lose my receipts?
We will not be able to process your registration without a valid receipt accompanied with all of the information requested on the registration form.

How will I know my product has been registered for the 10 year warranty?
We send you an email confirmation that your product has been registered. You will also be able to see this registration on your Samsung account.

What is covered by the 10 year screen burn warranty?
The warranty covers registered qualifying products used in a normal domestic environment for unintentional or accidental screen burn. Please see the Terms and Conditions for further information.

How do I make a claim?
In the unlikely event that you believe your product has experienced screen burn please contact Samsung Support hotline UK: 0330 726 7864 /EIRE: 0818 717 100. Be ready to supply the information stated in the Terms and Conditions.


Promoter: Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited, Samsung House, 1000 Hillswood Drive, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 0PS (“Promoter”). Participants who purchase a new (i.e. not second hand or ex demonstration) 2016 Samsung SUHD Quantum dot TV in the UK or Ireland between 1 August 2016 and 31 March 2017 from the specified retailers will be entitled to benefit from a 10 year screen burn warranty period. Offer applies to certain models and retailers only. Please see for list of applicable products and retailers. To register, you must visit, fill out your product details and upload a copy of your proof of purchase within 90 days. Warranty only applicable for use of product in a normal domestic environment, not for commercial use. The standard warranty terms and conditions (as set out in the warranty card provided with your product) will not be affected by this promotion. Full terms and conditions are available at