Beauty Maths Beauty Week
The arithmetic delight of solving the age-old question of “how much do I have to spend to get my hands on that?” is answered with our simple beauty equations. For skincare fanatics to fragrance collectors, we map out our top picks to get you to the £125 threshold to receive the free Fenwick Beauty Bag in-store.
You’re out to lunch with friends, and as the bill arrives, the sudden idea of how to split the check induces thoughts of mathematical equations from your secondary school algebra class. It’s humorous how in certain situations, we’re helpless at the idea of performing the simplest of maths, but when it comes to shopping, suddenly the maths dance around our brains akin to _A Beautiful Mind_. It’s the arithmetic delight of solving the age-old question of “how much do I have to spend to get my hands on that?” that is enticing. The current item in question? The much-loved Fenwick Beauty Bag. From 14th March to 3rd April, spend over £125 on beauty in-store to qualify for your complimentary bag. It has a host of cult products - from [Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream]( to [Lancer Skincare’s The Method: Nourish Moisturiser]( - that make the idea of stock piling your favourite [Charlotte Tilbury foundation]( or [La Mer cream]( more ideal than ever. We’ve pulled together five beauty equations – not to worry, we’ve only gone as far as using addition – to help you reach the £125 threshold in-store. Whether you’re yearning after the perfect make-up base or looking for new ways to wear scent, we have got a mathematical equation for each beauty fanatic.
#### Foundation Fix The Ordinary foundation + Hourglass concealer + La Mer powder + Kiehl’s setting spray = £130.20
#### Eye Fantastic Hourglass eyeshadow palette + Charlotte Tilbury eyeliner + Hourglass eyebrow pencil + Charlotte Tilbury mascara = £125
#### World Traveller (under 100ml) This Works roll-on perfume + Spacemasks sheet mask + La Mer hand cream + Kiehl’s lip mask = £135
#### Skincare Saviours Lancer Skincare cleanser + The Ordinary exfoliant + Dr. Hauschka face cream + Dermalogica sun cream = £128.80
#### Heavenly Scents Miller Harris perfume + Neom candle + Neom body lotion + Miller Harris body cream = £151