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Colourful. Comfortable. Exciting: three words to describe the British lingerie brand, Dora Larsen. We spoke with founder, Georgia Larsen, about her transition from lingerie buyer to designer, the importance of colour, and size inclusivity. Take a peek at her kaleidoscopic world…
Colourful. Comfortable. Exciting: three words used to describe the British lingerie brand, [Dora Larsen]( Founded by Georgia Larsen in 2016, the London-based brand creates fashionable yet functional everyday lingerie. But the real magic, lies in the colour. From snorkel blue to shell pink, Georgia uses her own unique colours to make the [Dora Larsen]( customer feel rebellious, uplifted, amused and soothed – all at the same time. We spoke with Georgia about her transition from lingerie buyer to designer, the importance of colour, and size inclusivity. Take a peek at her kaleidoscopic world…

Why lingerie? What inspired you to become a lingerie buyer, and then make the transition to a designer?

GL: "It was a total accident! When I started my career I was put onto the lingerie department not through my own choice. At first, I was hesitant as I wasn’t a lingerie fanatic at all at that point, but I fell in love with lingerie immediately and have never looked back. In fact, I did spend some time as a blouses and dresses buyer, but didn’t enjoy it half as much as when I was buying lingerie. My job as a buyer included a lot of product development, and even some design, so I learnt on the job."

What are some of the fit considerations you make to ensure your lingerie is comfortable?

GL: "I think the most important thing is the fabrics you choose – they need to be malleable and soft. Anything too stiff, thick or scratchy won’t feel good."

**What is your favourite style of bra and knickers that you designed?** GL: "It’s got to be our “clean mesh” range, which is a group of styles without any lace. I love how modern and clean these styles are. They’re completely sheer, but in a very flattering way." **What is the importance around colour? And what colourway from the SS20 collection would you suggest to people who normally buy neutrals?** GL: "According to Henri Matisse, we use colour to express our emotions. I think this is very true. I make sure I design colour combinations that reflect a different mood. For those that would normally buy neutrals, I would suggest the [Celi](, as they combine neutral shades in a less obvious and more unusual way, which is signature to [Dora Larsen](" **All of the lingerie styles are named after women – are they any particular muses you create for?** GL: "They’re all named after my friends, family, colleagues and even pets. The people closest to me are my muses!" **Your imagery has women of all sizes – which is really refreshing to see. How are you seeing an impact from size inclusivity?** GL: "I’m a strong believer that photographing women in all sizes shouldn’t be unusual, it should be the norm. I think people are, quite rightly so, tired of seeing lingerie only photographed on size 8[UK] models. As brands, it’s our duty not to just sell people goods, but to improve our customers' lives overall. And this includes making people feel that whatever their shape and whatever they look like, that’s amazing and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of." **How are you adjusting to the “new normal”? Have you picked up any hobbies or have any book recommendations?** GL: "I’m adjusting quite well actually! I’ve been juggling full time childcare with full time work, so to say I’m stressed is an understatement, but, I’m still seeing the positive in all of this. I haven’t exactly had the time for new hobbies, but I spend my evenings reading or listening to podcasts. At the moment I’m obsessed with reading books by Brene Brown and listening to Russell Brand's “Under The Skin” podcast."
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