summer cocktails with the wolseley
Quench your thirst with these refreshing summer cocktails recipes, mixed by none other than Cesar Goncalves, Bar Manager at The Wolseley. Here, he reveals the secret to pairing a flurry of fizz, gin and Earl Grey tea in three tantalising tipples.
It might just be our chilly climes for most of the year or how much we love a chinwag, but there’s nothing us Brits enjoy more than a cup of tea — except perhaps, a tea-based cocktail. And, we thought, who better to help us create one alongside two scrumptious summer drinks, than our much-loved British heritage brand, [The Wolseley]( Synonymous with exceptional cuisine and elegant style, The Wolseley is one of London’s most well-known and well-loved café-restaurants, and as such, has created the divine [Wolseley Collection](, comprising of delicious [food](, preserves, [teas]( and [coffees](, all of which you can find at []( Whether you're planning a sophisticated summer soirée, a boozy brunch with friends, or just want to try out a new tipple — we asked Cesar Goncalves, Bar Manager at The Wolseley, to mix up three magnificent summer drinks, as well as his expert opinion on all things cocktails. Ready for a refreshment?
#### Earl Grey Sparkling Iced Tea _(non-alcoholic)_ **Ingredients**: * 24g [The Wolseley Earl Grey Loose Tea]( * 24g granulated white sugar * Lemon zest * 1L water (at 95°C) * 175 ml of soda water and lemon zest to serve **Method**: Place the tea and sugar in a large teapot and add the boiling water. Stir briefly to help the sugar dissolve and allow to infuse for a maximum of 5 minutes with the addition of some lemon zest. Strain into a jug (ensuring all tea leaves are removed; the lemon zest can remain in the concentrate), cover with a lid and cool in the fridge for at least 2 hours. When straining, be careful not to squeeze the tea to extract more liquid as this will add bitterness. Serve 75ml of the chilled tea over ice. Top with 175ml of soda water and garnish with lemon zest. Add homemade lemonade for added sweetness.
#### Raspberry Fizz **Ingredients:** * 145ml Pommery [Champagne](, from [The Wolseley's Champagne Summer Tote]( * 5ml [Fenwick Raspberry Gin Liqueur]( * Raspberry to garnish **Method:** Start with the gin liqueur and add the Champagne on top. We recommend using a Champagne Flute for this, as it is better for the bubbles to have room to travel (in a coupe they might disappear too quickly). Finish by garnishing with a raspberry.
#### “No. 160”, _The Wolseley’s House Cocktail_ **Ingredients:** * 35ml [Rare Bird London Dry Gin]( * 10ml [Cloudy Bay]( Sauvignon Blanc * 10ml St Germain * 5ml Lemon juice * 10ml Grapefruit juice **Method**: To create this cocktail, you'll need coupe glasses, an ice bucket and tongs - we suggest The Wolseley's Bevelled Crystal Coupes, Vintage Silver Ice Bucket and Tongs. To start, stir all the ingredients over ice cubes in a mixing glass, and strain into Champagne coupes when chilled. Garnish with a grapefruit twist.
##### Tell us about each cocktail you have created? CG: "Our talented baristas created a range of Sparkling Teas last summer, as light but flavoursome non-alcoholic options. They were special off menu drinks for our customers at The Wolseley, using teas that are not just used in the restaurant but also are part of The Collection. The second, Raspberry Fizz, is a twist on a Kir Royale, which is a simple classic. It might not be written on the bar menu, but we will do our best to make any drink we can on request. ‘No. 160’ was created by The Wolseley’s bar team a few years ago when we wrote our House List. As interest in cocktails grew, so did our list to accommodate all of our customer’s requests. No. 160 is one of my favourites as it’s so refreshing. It’s very popular throughout the year, and particularly in the summer." ##### What makes The Wolseley and its products so special? CG: "I’ve worked at The Wolseley Bar for three years now and it feels like home. The atmosphere is really unique. The broad mix of customers bring something special to the atmosphere. Not only do I get to see the familiar faces of our customers who are here on a daily basis, I also meet new people every day – there’s never a dull moment." ##### Apart from excellent ingredients, what do you need to create the perfect cocktail at home? CG: "You need good equipment and lots of inspiration! As long as I have a shaker, mixing spoon and strainer, I can make a cocktail. The Wolseley Collection Vintage Shakers have in-built strainers which make them easy for use at home. It goes without saying the beautiful glassware will help to make a beautiful looking cocktail. Our Crystal Tumblers are perfect for making drinks at home." ##### Any top mixing tips, tricks or secrets? CG: "Always try to be different and create something unique. I like to be inspired by the ingredients I have at home and try to create new cocktails based on what is in front of me. Try using ingredients you wouldn’t ordinarily use in a cocktail, like tea and you might be pleasantly surprised." ##### What is your cocktail of choice this summer? CG: "The Pink Spring. It’s new on our menu and is a simple blend of [gin](, rosemary syrup and grapefruit juice."
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