Mr Natty's top grooming tips for Movember

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Congrats Mo Bros - you have officially passed the half-way point of Movember, meaning your bushy beards and twizzled moustaches might be feeling a bit itchy.

With 30 November and a clean shave around the corner, we spoke to Mr Natty co-founder Matt Raine, barber to royals and rock stars, on facial hair trends, his top grooming staple and his tips for soothing your skin…

Where did you grow up and how did you discover your passion for gent's grooming?

I grew up spending half my time in South East London and half in Kent. I used to cut hair for my friends: flat tops were the fashion at school and I thought "How hard can it be?”, so I bought some clippers and a flat topper and I used to cut their hair for £5 in the kitchen before my mum came home from work. 

London definitely has an edge that makes it stand out from other fashion capitals. How would you describe London style and what makes it so unique?

I think that fashion is much more street-orientated in London and that influences the rest of the world. It’s a bit more raw and edgy; and it’s much cooler than anywhere else. I think that the reason why it’s good is people [in London] have to be a little bit more imaginative and they don’t have as many inhibitions as the rest of the world.

Where do you get your own style inspiration? 

I take a lot of influences from old vintage photographs of aristocracy. I like old books and films.

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What are the top trends gents should be sporting this season?

Grown out crew cuts (very short, very 1930’s, very Peaky Blinders), long and feral beards or completely clean-shaven with no stubble.

What go-to grooming tips would you suggest for all men?

Smell woody, use a beard shampoo, keep clean, moisturise and get a regular beard trim. Also, get involved with your facial hair; it needs to either be a beard or clean-shaven - no whiskers.

We're half way through Movember and things may be getting a bit itchy for those taking part. What can Mo Bros do to soothe their skin?

Use a spot of Save Ya Own Skin moisturiser, £14, or one of our beard oils. You can even use the beard oil on your top lip and that will save your bacon. Both our Save Ya Own Skin and Beard Elixirs, £9, are 100% natural. In our Save Ya Own Skin, the shea butter and olive oil hydrate your skin while patchouli and bergamot oil reduce inflammation. Our Beard Elixirs naturally cleanse and soothe with ingredients such as vetiver, patchouli, juniper berry, pine, bergamot, peach kernel and grapeseed oils. 

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What is the one grooming staple to get Mo Heroes through Movember?

Mr Natty Moustache Twizzle Wax, £9.50. Warm it up by popping it in your pocket or using your finger to work into the tin. Put it on the tips of your fingers then apply to your moustache.

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Mr Natty is available at Fenwick Bond Street and Brent Cross

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By Hanna Ibraheem