8 Books to Buy on National Read A Book Day

There's no better time to nestle down in some blankets and get your nose stuck into a good book as National Read a Book Day.

You can never find the time to read? You haven't bought a new book in years? Sound familiar? With our non-stop lifestyles becoming busier by the minute, sometimes it's hard to find the time to enjoy a novel from cover to cover.  Join us in celebrating this National Read a Book Day by putting down your phones, tablets and laptops, and taking some time out to bury yourself in a brand new book.

Take your pick from our edit of books to get lost in below - with children's stories, coffee table hardbacks and niche hobby books, there's something for everyone in the Fenwick lineup. 


Rebecca Winward's book demonstrates how the space in every room can be efficiently maximised, while still keeping things stylish.

As we collect and hold on to more and more home paraphernalia, from everyday essentials to bulky items that only seem to surface at Christmas - it's never been so essential to figure out smart storage solutions. 

Everything in its Place - Storage for Stylish Homes, £19.99; available at Fenwick Kingston


It's a well-known fact that the stressors the 21st century brings with it can wreak havoc on your mind, anxiety and stress levels. 

How to be Calm, by Anna Barnes, aims to help you learn, practise and perfect a few handy methods of letting go of stresses and strains. You'll feel better equipped to deal with today's hectic pace of life, and can maybe even pass on your newfound wisdom to friends, family and colleagues.

How to Be Calm, £8.99; available at Fenwick Tunbridge Wells




A Dog-Lover's Miscellany, by Mike Darton, is, by all means, a coffee table book packed with canine trivia to paw through at random. Whether you want to learn about the origins of famous dog names, or maybe your four-legged friend has been asking about what it takes to win crufts, it's all in this encyclopedic book creation.  

A Dog-Lover's Miscellany, £7.99; available at Fenwick Colchester



The Joy of Sheds chronicles a man's need for his own dedicated space in every house.

Frank Hopkinson's tongue-in-cheek book takes a humorous approach to every aspect of one's shed experience, including useful maintenance, upkeep and shed redecorating tips. Not to be snubbed at, the shed is the second most dangerous place in the home after the kitchen, so we just want to help you make sure men are behaving sensibly in their man caves! 

The Joy of Sheds, £9.99, available at Fenwick Colchester



Roald Dahl's Matilda is an absolute children's classic.

If your little ones have seen the movie but never got round to reading the book, National Read a Book Day is the perfect opportunity. They'll love getting lost in the world of lovely Miss Honey, the less-than-lovely Trunchball and Matilda's magical powers. 

Quentin Blake's iconic illustrations, featured in Roald Dahl's other masterpieces like The Twits, bring the characters instantly to life.

Matilda, £7.99; available at Fenwick Kingston



Take the stress out of date-night cooking with the Date Night Cookbook by Rebecca Warbis. 

This cookbook is packed from cover to cover with mouth-watering recipes so you can focus more on your date and less on worrying about the food. Date Night Cookbook provides the perfect foodie accompaniments to your romantic plans, from baked bananas on the beach at sunset to campfire goodies underneath the stars.

Date Night Cookbook, £9.99; available at Fenwick Kingston

If there ever was such a thing as a cult children's book, this is definitely it.

Written and illustrated by Eric Carle, the interactive story book takes your kids on a journey with a caterpillar as he chomps his way through all kinds of food.

Not only a feast for the eyes, the book introduces various educational themes to younger children like counting, the days of the week and, ultimately, a caterpillar's metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, £7.99; available at Fenwick Tunbridge Wells


Bring a taste of the big apple to your coffee table with Taschen's New York.

Angelika Taschen acts as your very own Carrie Bradshaw as she reveals the glitz and glamour of every NYC corner. 

Discover the secret, unmarked restaurants, carefully scoped out hotels both uptown and downtown, and the finest local delis. Complete with a pocket-sized map of Manhattan featuring all the hotspots, this is the bible to visiting New York that every city girl needs. 

Taschen's New York, £27.99; available at Fenwick Colchester


By Lizi Woolgar