Behind the Bag: Ultraluxe French brand Preciously Paris

Introducing Preciously Paris, the contemporary, whimsical and intricately designed line of ultra luxury clutch bags found in store at Fenwick of Bond Street.  In the second edition of our Behind the Bag series, we take a look at the brand making waves in the luxury accessories world. 

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Designed by Carole Tessier, a non-conformist who caught the attention of the fashion world when she adorned a pair of customised jeans to the prestigious Art Basel art fair in Miami, which she'd covered in beautiful embroidery and tongue-in-cheek cartoons. Collectors took note and although Tessier found herself with several personal orders, she saw the potential of what she could create.
"Instead of jeans, I decided to work on another item of femininity: the clutch. A classical and concise shape specifically for true collectors, women who have had enough of overexposed, overbranded It Bags" - Carole Tessier
Tessier is an artist in her own right, her eclectic bags take influence from the world around her, and have contemporary art at their core. Inspired by her esteemed peers, including the likes of Damien Hirst and talented street artists who have led her to experiment with bold yet successful creative choices - from spray painting embroidered bags and incorporating vintage bank notes to sometimes deranged touches of manga - each of her collections fuse Haute Couture with a wicked sense of humour that bring the fun back into an arguably saturated luxury accessories world. 
"The embroidered [cartoon characters] are a bit like the name Preciously Paris, they are a little bit terrible and a touch rock ́n ́roll, but they're also luxuriously precious" - Carole Tessier
Preciously Paris bags are handmade in France, taking hours of intense devotion. The exquisite and recognisable embroideries are produced in Paris and the luxurious leather, velvet, denim and silk that make up the rest of the bags comes from French couture, Japan and Italy. Every element is carefully considered, including the packaging which is individually handcrafted, numbered and produced at a Haute Couture supplier. 
Carole Tessier breathes fun, whit and luxury into the often monotonous world of Haute Couture accessories and her vibrant designs are a welcome whimsical break from everyday seriousness. 

Preciously Paris is available at Fenwick of Bond Street.  


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By Ellie Hamilton