Behind the bag: Spanish handbag brand OneSixOne

What makes the perfect handbag..? Sevillian accessories label OneSixOne have used maths alongside a careful mix of contemporary design and traditional craft-making in their quest for excellence.   

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Founded by J Mendel and Peter Pilotto alumni, Adrian Salvador Candela, OneSixOne is known for its elegant yet iconic structured hexagonal shaped bags. 

The Spanish brand gets its name from the first three numbers in the Fibonacci mathematics sequence, otherwise known as the golden ratio. Applied in many areas of art, architecture and design, the ratio is associated with balance, harmony and beauty and is ingrained into the concept of both OneSixOne and it's unique designs. Each bag's shape and size is based on the golden ratio and follows the rules of divine proportion, making them perfectly symmetrical. 

Each bag from OneSixOne reflects this mathematical golden ratio through its core values of Spanish craftsmanship and tradition, as well as celebrating innovation and a constant search for excellence.

The AW16 collection, designed by artist Anna Talens, is inspired by the world we live in and focuses on the contrast between urban design and lush vegetation. It features unexpected colour combinations and designs reminiscent of architecture, travel and nostalgia. Talens' merged two geometric patterns to create the shape of the bags; the symbol of infinity and the Aurea circle found in the golden ratio - both representing eternity and the philosophy that things have no beginning and no end.

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“They both symbolise...the invisible connection amongst all things in the world. Basing my selection on basic colours and tactile sensations, I have gone searching for silent beauty and timeless elegance." - Anna Talens

OneSixOne bags are a favourite with celebrities and bloggers alike - including the likes of Lady GaGa, The Blonde Salad, Gabriela Palatchi and Maria Bernad.

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 Gaia Small Observatorio, £1,100.

OneSixOne is available at Fenwick of Bond Street.  Join us for our 'Behind the bag' series where we'll be taking a closer look at some of the innovative and iconic handbag brands in store at Fenwick of Bond Street.

By Ellie Hamilton