Sultry & Spooky: Benefit's Day-To-Night Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Looking for a simple but sultry makeup look for October’s spookiest holiday? – Benefit has got you covered!

The make-up wizards over at Benefit have created an easy-breezy everyday makeup look, which can be turned into a no-fuss freaky look with just a few extra tweaks for a smokey and spooky Halloween look. Find out how to create this spell-binding look below - and be sure to pick up Benefit products at your local Fenwick!

2016 10 10 Benefit halloweenlook beforeafter



Keep skin hydrated from day-to-night by working in luxurious total moisture facial cream.
To give make-up longevity, use the POREfessional face primer.
Mix together hello flawless oxygen wow! and girl meets pearl for a radiant glow.


To prime and brighten the eye area use stay don’t stray.
Use the lightest shade from the easiest nudes ever neutral palette to buff across the whole eyelid up towards the crease and into the inner corner. Work the darkest tone into the socket of the eye with a lighter brush, extending out to the brow bone. Add under-eye smoke with a smaller brush along the bottom lash line. Pat a little shimmer in the centre of the eyelid for extra sparkle!
Create a small flick using they’re real! push up liner and drag 3/4 along the lid into the lash line. 
Lift and curl lashes using roller lash mascara.


Make a fluid line under the brow and along the arch of the brow using Ka-BROW! eyebrow cream-gel colour. To finish, use feathery strokes at the front of the brown and fill in any gaps.


Apply hoola bronzing powder in a figure of 3 along the top of the forehead, under the cheekbone and under the jaw line for subtle contour. For a stunning rose gold finish, use rockateur blush on the apple of the cheeks, blending up towards the ear.


For definition and fullness use they’re real! lipstick and liner in lusty rose, apply with the darkest tone an edge of the lip line.


2016 10 10 Night final look

Turn it Freaky!

Highlight using the lightest cream shadow from the easiest nudes ever neutral palette, pat on top of the cheekbone and the bridge of the nose. 

Use the darker shade to add depth of colour to the outer eyelid, and add smoke with a small brush under the bottom lash line. Use they’re real push up liner to define the lash line; work into the centre of the tear duct and along the rest of the lash line. Load up mascara using roller lash.

Make brows dramatic using Ka-BROW! eyebrow cream-gel colour by over-enhancing the arch for a vampy look.

Add dramatic contour with hoola bronzing powder.

Customise your lip colour using lusty rose they’re real! lipstick and liner and they’re real! liner. Blend the two on the back of the hand and line lips with the darker colour at the outer edge of the lip, then drag into centre of the lip, giving an ombre look. Finish with lusty rose in the centre of the lip, for a pop of colour.

To make eyes look sunken, use hoola bronzing powder around the eye for a deathly look. Sweep the darkest tone from the easiest nudes ever neutral palette under the eye and up into the lash line to intensify the colour.

Hollow out cheekbones using the brown shadow under the cheekbone to create a sunken look.

Add some spooky accessories, and you're ready for a night of frights!

Benefit have put together this tutorial video with all the steps in an easy demo for you to recreate at home:

Get The Look

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By Ellie Hamilton