Recontour your face in days with Estée Lauder’s New Dimension skincare

When you see a camera pointed at your face, do you instantly turn to present your most flattering angle as most women do (and that includes supermodels…) writes Beauty Bible co-founder Sarah Stacey? Well, Estée Lauder claims their ‘transformative’ New Dimension skincare will make every angle your best. And they conducted state-of-the-art scientific testing to prove that using the products made hundreds of women testers feel ‘delighted, astonished and more enthusiastic about the way they looked’.

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When Estée Lauder’s top research scientist Dr Nadine Pernodet was set the seemingly insuperable task of creating a new generation of topical products that would really turn back the clock, she confessed to feeling floored. Then she had a light bulb moment: the key wasn't just to restore plumpness – ‘visible volume’ as she calls it – but also improve the structure of the skin to give youthful density and definition.

Today’s sophisticated technology is enabling the products you apply at home to emulate the volumising and restructuring effect of injectable fillers by helping your skin’s natural contours to look both plumper and more defined.

New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum promises to help the contours of our face – particularly the cheeks and jawbone - look more defined and ‘lifted’, without injections, surgery or downtime – and a lot less expense. One tip that Dr Pernodet gives everyone is to stroke the serum on upwards from your jawline to temples then smooth across your forehead.

The volume of your facial skin is enhanced by ‘shaping technology’, based on four potent natural ingredients: date seed and rice extracts, a plant stem cell extract and whey protein - these support our skin’s natural plumpers and volumisers – hyaluronic acid, fillagrin and lipids (fats).

Added to this, a cocktail of potent skin smoothers promote skin turnover (which slows with age), ‘microshaping’ the surface and revealing fresh new skin.

For increased density, firmness and ‘bounce back’, the skin’s natural support structure is boosted by a pro-collagen complex containing more active botanicals plus a vitamin C derivative.

Finally, this magic serum, softly scented with mandarin and melon, rose and jasmine, strengthens the skin and gives it more elasticity with ingredients that helps support the other proteins in the skin’s matrix – elastic and fibronectin.

It’s quick too. Of the hundreds of testers in different countries, more than 80 per cent said their skin felt plumped and refined after three days, with more defined-looking facial contours after two weeks – and a ‘positive transformation in their skin after four weeks’.

So no wonder that when scientists used ultra-sensitive tests to measure women’s physiological and emotional responses after using New Dimension Shape + Fill Serum, the results indicated ‘feelings of delight and astonishment’, and revealed that 91 per cent experienced a positive change in attitude and felt more enthusiastic about the way they looked.

‘Imagine the incredible confidence that comes with that,’ says Anne Carullo, Senior Vice President, Global Product Development at Estée Lauder.

To help tighten and tone the whole eye area including upper cheekbones, New Dimension offers an Expert Liquid Tape (just like the trick that make-up artists use for shoots), with fast-acting polymers and the same pro-collagen complex as the serum. Plus there are two Shape + Sculpt contouring cosmetics: a Face Kit and Eye Kit. 

The Estée Lauder New Dimension skincare collection is available in stores now.

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By Sarah Stacey