British Beauty Blogger reviews Christopher Kane's new Nars collection

Christopher Kane is famed for neutral make up looks on the catwalk, preferring to let his often colourful clothing take centre stage, yet his collaboration with NARS is anything but low-key writes British Beauty Blogger Jane Cunningham. The Neoneutral collection incorporates his love of pared-back beauty while paying homage to the vibrant, flattering and vivid hues that Francois Nars creates. There is a tangible designer element to the range; it feels – and looks – inspired by wafts of sheer fabric, ethereal textures and heat-soaked shades. It’s a tightly edited collection, with only ten pieces, so I’ve pulled out five essential products that give the famous NARS ‘gleam’ with a Christopher Kane runway twist.

1. Violet Atom Illuminating Multiple

If there is one product that sums up NARS, it’s the Multiple. So called for its versatility of use, the chunky stick has been given a model make-over in a moonstruck lilac shade that’s like a magnet for light. Violet shades on the skin are unexpected, and the highly reflective, iridescent glimmers that this multiple produces are made to stand out, not blend in. Use it on cheekbones, shoulders, eyes and shins – wherever you want the light to catch and your skin to gleam.

Violet Atom Illuminating Multiple, £29, Christopher Kane for NARS collection

2. Mezmer Lip Gloss

Of the four available lip gloss shades, Mezmer is the most versatile. While all are gauzy washes of colour, designed to give a whisper to the lips, Mezmer has a pink neon element that is perfect for warm, sun-kissed skin tones.

Mezmer lip gloss in sheer pink neon, £19, Christopher Kane for NARS collection

3. Outer Limits Single Eyeshadow

This shadow really has to be seen to be understood. It’s an iridescent rose gold colour but when the light hits it, it’s a high beam wash of pink and golden twinkles that spring to life in a mesmerising way. I’d add some black, defining mascara and nothing else – this galactic hue speaks all on its own.

Outer Limits single eyeshadow in iridescent rose gold, £18, Christopher Kane for NARS collection 

4. Starscape Blush

Starscape is a vivid pink powder blush that looks all kinds of too-bright until it hits skin. It’s tone is versatile and looks just as beautiful and enlivening on lighter skin tones as it does on warmer ones. Use a Kabuki makeup brush to diffuse it well in the palm of your hand first, and then use the lightest touch on your cheeks until you’ve built it to an intensity that you like.

Starscape Blush in neon pink, £23, Christopher Kane for NARS collection

5. Nebulous Lip Gloss

Unlike the Mezmer Lip Gloss, Nebulous doesn’t have a neon hint; instead, it’s a milky wash of orange that makes lips look naturally pretty and juicy. Nebulous is the perfect beach gloss to bring a dewy tint of colour and warm the complexion on minimum make up days.

Nebulous lip gloss in neon coral, £19, Christopher Kane for NARS collection

Available in Fenwick Kingston and Bond Street

By Jane Cunningham