Why you need Caudalie’s new Resveratrol Lift collection

When you step into the world of skin care there’s one buzzword you’re bound to hear: resveratrol.

Hailed for its anti-ageing and disease-combating benefits, resveratrol is a revolutionary ingredient that can be found in certain plants and red wine. It boosts cellular energy and works deeply within the skin’s surface to restructure the effects of ageing.

Caudalie was the first cosmetic brand to discover, concentrate and stabilise resveratrol, making it a pioneer within the industry. Now, the team have used their expert knowledge to create Resveratrol [Lift], a new four-piece skin care range aimed at restoring the skin’s firmness and youth.

The collection will be available exclusively at Fenwick Bond Street from 21 September. Here, we break down the results-driven products within the range…

Resveratrol [Lift] Firming Serum

The star of the line-up, this serum boasts the most concentrated formula in the collection. Dispense a few drops of this on to the tips of your fingers and massage it into the skin. Its creamy yet silky texture sinks in quickly and leaves your skin feeling fresh. Clever ingredients, such as hyaluronic acids and anti-slackening peptides get to work to replenish and smooth the skin, making it appear firmer and more toned over time.

Resveratrol [Lift] Firming Serum, £45

Resveratrol [Lift] Eye Lifting Balm

Banish puffiness and exile wrinkles with this clever eye lifting treatment. Packed with a plant complex derived from the silk tree, this fine balm slides on to the eye area comfortably and, thanks to its fragrance-free formula, doesn’t cause irritation. Your eyes will appear fresh, rested and younger, making it a staple within your skin care routine. What’s more, this product can also be applied around the lip area to smooth out skin and contours.

Resveratrol [Lift] Eye Lifting Balm, £36

Resveratrol [Lift] Face Lifting Moisturiser SPF20

Kick off your day by boosting the skin with this clever moisturiser. Developed with soft focus pigments to even out the skin’s appearance, added SPF20 to protect the face against harmful rays and the ability to act as the perfect base for your makeup, this oil-free cream will enhance the skin with hydration. The result? A plumped, radiant and youthful complexion.

Resveratrol [Lift] Face Lifting Moisturiser SPF20, £39

Resveratrol [Lift] Night Infusion Cream

There’s no better way to wind down in the evening than with this heavenly night cream. Blended with a gorgeous and relaxing fragrance, slather this nourishing cream on your face and neck to regenerate the skin overnight. It gets to work while you sleep to relax facial features and to restore the complexion with its natural healthy glow. You’ll wake up looking well rested, even when that isn’t the case… 

Resveratrol [Lift] Night Infusion Cream, £39

Caudalie Resveratrol [Lift] is available exclusively at Fenwick Bond Street from 21 September.

Available at Fenwick Brent Cross, Canterbury, Kingston, Leicester, Newcastle, Tunbridge Wells, Windsor and York from 28 September.

By Hanna Ibraheem