5 minutes with jewellery designer Dinny Hall

Having celebrated 30 years in the business last year, Dinny Hall has certainly made her mark in the world of British jewellery design.

Created using unique materials and perfectly simple designs, the brand's luxurious pieces are the perfect day-to-night fix for the modern woman. We caught up with Dinny Hall herself to hear about how the brand came to be, where she draws inspiration from and what's hot for 2016...

DH Portrait

How did you get involved in jewellery design?

While doing a foundation course I found that I loved working with metals. Combine that with a passion for gemstones, I naturally went onto study a degree in jewellery design at Central St Martins. I was very determined and once I had graduated I set up a workshop in London's Soho - since then I have never looked back and the brand was born.

Where do you get your design inspiration from?

From my travels in the Far East, tribal jewellery, architecture, art, film, nature, fashion and a myriad of things I see in the world around me.

How would you describe the customer?

An intelligent, stylish woman with an independent spirit of any age. You can mix collections and add new pieces over time - I like to think our customers have a life long love of their Dinny Hall jewellery.

What are the big trends in jewellery for 2016?

I think it's all about ear embellishment and the continuing reigning glory of the Hoop. 

What has been your most popular piece?

Once it was a simple pearl earring on a coiled ear wire, but now it's a close call between the Bamboo Hoops or Signature Wave Bangle (both pictured above, right).

What’s your proudest moment since starting the label?

I've been designing jewellery under my own label for over thirty years and I'm proud of that extended moment.

Dinny Hall is available at Fenwick Brent CrossKingstonNewcastle & Tunbridge Wells.


By Alison Millington