Discover the inspiration for Sisley’s new fragrance Soir D’Orient

As a child growing up in Seville, Isabelle D’Ornano co-founder of luxury beauty brand Sisley, remembers walking through the incredible Gardens of Alcazar in Seville and taking in the extraordinary Mudejar architecture of the grand palace.


The gardens of Alcazar in Seville

It is the aromas, history and soul of this magical place, that she wanted to capture in the Soir D’Orient fragrance, even down to Seville's Arabic architecture replicated in the bottle. It is why at the heart of the woody, spicy, chypre scent is Segrina, a simple, white flower found in the gardens whose perfume comes alive at dusk.

"I wanted to create an oriental fragrance, refreshed with the floral heart of Turkish rose," she explains. "It's a fragrance that appeals to both East and West. It is also a fragrance that can be worn by men. Men in the East wear fragrances just as women do, and I think it will suit men in the West.

Discover more about Soir D'Orient and Isabelle's inspiration for it in the exclusive video below.


Isabelle D'Ornano co-founder of luxury French beauty brand, Sisley

Visit the Sisley counter at Fenwick Kingston, Leicester and Windsor and receive a complimentary sample of Soir d’Orient from July 1 to 15 - while stocks last.

By Claire Brayford