Eureka! The six best children’s science kits


They say: “Children are born scientists,” but if you want to stop your budding Louis Pasteur from filling the bathroom with jam jars of chemical experiments concocted from your beauty products, we have picked the top six science kits for children. Inspire them to discover everything from fossils to forensics, while throughout the summer holidays Fenwick Newcastle will be running a series of fun science activities and workshops in its toy department. You may just discover you have a mini Darwin or Newton on your hands.

1. The Human Body Science Kit

“Children particularly love this kit because they get to learn about the science of the human body using their own senses," explains Ruth Fleming, toy buyer at Fenwick Newcastle. "There are a host of hands-on experiments. They can test their hearing, lungs and build a stethoscope to hear their own heart beat. It essentially teaches them about themselves, which all children love to learn.”

Age 5+, £26.99

2. Weather Experiment Kit

Why does rain fall? Where do rainbows come from? This weather kit is a brilliant introduction to discovering the elements. “We're fascinated by the weather and children are no different,” explains Ruth. “Little ones can build a weather vane to determine the direction of the wind and forecast if it's going to rain or shine - it really hits the button.”

Age 5+, £11.99 

3. Dinosaur Fossils  

"With the recent release of Jurassic World - all-things dinosaur are popular right now," Ruth explains. Budding paleontologists can reconstruct a dinosaur skeleton, learn how fossils are formed and discover how to excavate them just like an archeologist.

Age 8+, £10.99

4. Forensics Fingerprint Lab

Your would-be Sherlock Holmes will love collecting fingerprints from friends and family to learn more about the science behind forensics. There is also a fun detective game to find and match the prints.

“This is a really popular kit,” says Ruth. “There are so many crime programmes on television, children can't wait to play the mini detective and it’s also a great price.”

Age 8+, £11.99

5. Stepping into Science

For start-up scientists – this is the perfect hands-on introduction to chemistry, physics and biology. Children can explore the science of air and water as well as discovering the answer to everyday questions like how do plants grow.

"With lots of bright colours and plenty of fun, this kit feels like a game but they are also learning so much about the scientific world,” explains Ruth. "Children and parents both love it." 

Age 5+, £24.99

6. Magnetic Science

Let your little ones be captivated by the invisible force of magnetism. With iron filings, floating rings and electromagnetic fields in 33 fun experiments it will keep them amused for hours.

“There is something about the mystery of this invisible force that fascinates children,” says Ruth. “For something so hard to explain, the experiments really do demonstrate how it works. It’s for eight-years and up but the mums and dads admit they enjoy it too.”

Age 8+, £24.99

Available at Fenwick Newcastle

By Claire Brayford