Exclusive: meet Carlos Huber the creator of Arquiste's intoxicating fragrances


We are thrilled that Nanban, the new fragrance from master perfumer and founder of Arquiste, Carlos Huber, is exclusive to Fenwick Bond Street. Huber, a former historical architect, references moments from the past in his scents - a duel in Russia in 1837, a 12th Century citrus harvest in Italy - and, with Nanban, he is whisking fans along the ancient trade route between Japan and Mexico, followed by galleons redolent with exotic spices and sweet-smelling woods. Aside from the captivating stories, there is something about Arquiste fragrances, especially for men, that makes them so intoxicating. This woody and oriental mix - featuring Malabar black pepper, Persian saffron, Spanish leather, and Frankincense - is one of our favourites.

You can discover Huber's tips on how to choose the perfect scent here or better yet you can meet the man himself in the Fenwick Bond Street store on September 16. 


By Claire Brayford