Five of the best photo Apps

We can’t all be Lord Snowdon but if you are inspired by his new book A Life in View as well as his exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery, put your camera skills to good use with these five brilliant apps for budding smartphone snappers.

Snowdon p025

Photograph of Antony Armstrong-Jones taken from the new book Snowdon: A Life in View by Antony Armstrong-Jones published by Rizzoli

Bypost Postcard Maker

Let’s be honest; we all love receiving post, so why not give someone special that joy with this exceptionally useful app? Wherever you are in the world, bypost allows you to create a postcard from a photo from your camera roll, add a message and address, and mail it to anywhere in the world. Postcards only take a couple of days to arrive at their destination – and it saves you the trouble of buying or printing postcards, finding some stamps, and heading out to locate the nearest post box.
(Free on iTunes)

A Beautiful Mess

A must have for all creatives. Put simply, it has to be the best photo-editing app out there, offering a vast choice of filters, fonts, borders and doodles to jazz up your photography. There is nothing twee here; the filters add drama and beauty to photos, and the fonts, doodles, and edges are fashionable and striking. The app also allows you to connect to social media accounts to instantly share your creations.
(£0.69 on iTunes, Google Play)

Project 365

Ever wished you kept a diary, but never have the time or inspiration to sit down and write? Project 365 is the app for you. The premise is simple; take one photo every day on your smartphone and upload it in a matter of seconds to Project 365 to record that date’s events. Hey presto, you have the start of a visual diary to look back on in years to come. Better still, the app allows you to upload your project to a password-protected website whenever you want, which backs-up your photos at the click of a button.
(Free on iTunes)


If you love old, retro photographs and posters, don’t let Retromatic pass you by. Start by choosing a photo from your camera roll and then trace the outline of the object with your finger to create a cut-out in seconds. Once you have your object, you can edit with a filter and add colourful backgrounds, striking fonts, and retro-style doodles. The results are impressively professional – and you can show off your creations on social media with ease.
(£1.49 on iTunes)

Free Prints

In these days of smartphones and social media, we very rarely hold a photograph in our hands, let alone compile albums to flick through in future years. This free app will change all of that. It allows you to print up to 45 photographs a month in 6x4 format from the images on your smartphone or social media accounts. The high quality, glossy photographs will be delivered to your home for just the price of postage and packaging, which starts at just £1.49. Prints don’t get much cheaper than that.
(Free on iTunes)

By Louise Clarke