Five ways to kick-start your post-holiday detox

Holiday hedonism left you feeling less than sparkling? Yes, we know the feeling. But before you slump in front of another boxset with a box of chocolates, we asked Katy Young, beauty editor of The Daily Telegraph, to share her top five ways to detox your beauty regime.

1. The Nutribullet

If you haven’t already been swept up by the juicing phenomenon then allow us to introduce the Nutribullet, the hottest gadget in good food health for 2015 and one that might just make a little DIY smoothie drinking appealing.

Essentially a super neat juicer, what’s nifty about the Nutribullet (which, by the way, is also a celebrity favourite - just ask model Miranda Kerr and her fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels) is not just that the high-speed blender promises to break and whizz up almost any food – so it can make shakes, juices and smoothies - but also that it’s a complete unit which doubles up as your shaker and glass too.

Anything that makes healthy eating a little easier gets our vote, so we’re investing in our health right here.

£99, Nutribullet (Available in select Fenwick stores)

2. The organic swapover

If the idea of going natural doesn’t quite appeal to your advanced anti-ageing skincare regime, then switching your body care over to something all together more green just might.

Organic skincare experts say it’s the best baby step to going green, while hi-tech skincare addicts will tell you it’s less of a compromise when it comes to the latest technology (the creams you use on your body are never quite as advanced, hi tech or otherwise).

Switching over to organic body washes, balms and creams is the best way to ease yourself into the chemical-free notion, particularly if the skin on your body is sensitive, and suffering from the effects of wintry weather.

Start yourself off with Dr Hauschka, a super luxe brand that goes in for the latest organic technology where it can. Try the Rose Nurturing body cream (£24) by day, the Blackthorn Toning body oil (£20) by night and the Almond Soothing Body Wash (£13) at every opportunity. (Available at select Fenwick stores)


3. Go sugar free

Chances are by now you’ve exceeded your sugar quota for a few months. One too many mince pies? We thought so. But as it is so addictive, we think the best way to kick the sweetened habit is to do it by the book, and the latest on the subject is written by ex-Vogue’s health and fitness writer Calgary Avansino.

Admittedly it’s out later this year, but we wanted you to be the first to know, and her blog at will be a healthy stand-in until then – so no excuses. Avansino’s is usually the first word in the latest food crazes, diets, smoothie recipes and health gurus, and here she wraps it all up into one solid, sugar-free, book.

The recipes, tips and sweet treats all come on good authority, so you can stay on the wagon securely with this read. For some emotional support along the sugar-free way, turn to Nicole Mowbray’s book, Sweet Nothing. Her own story of turning from sugar-addict to svelte, satisfied and sugar-free author should curb any cravings along the way.

4. Detox your mind

Forget detoxing your diet for a second, and think about de-cluttering and cleaning up your mind from the toxicity that may have built up over the last year.

Here Jacqueline Hurst, clinical hypnotherapist and master life coach, shows us how with two super simple exercises.

1. First, get your mind right by creating the right mindset and thoughts. If you are choosing the right thoughts you will feel better and in turn get the right results.

2. Detoxing your mind of negativity is imperative. Start to keep a journal by writing down all your thoughts. If you see negativity in there try a different perspective.

5. Declutter your make-up kit

How many of you have so many cosmetics that you’re not quite sure what’s lurking at the bottom of your kit anymore? Our make-up bag follows the same rule as our wardrobe, with most of us using only 20 per cent of what we own. And that’s exactly why we’ve decided to completely detox our kit – why own so much make-up if you’re only relying on a handful of it?

In truth, the other incentive was that all we really need for Spring/Summer 2015 is a skin base, concealer, blush, lipstick and plenty of mascara. We’re taking ourselves to the Bobbi Brown counter at Fenwick, emptying out the old make-up and ringing in the new with its detox service to find our perfect foundation match, creamy concealer, apricot blush, peach lipstick and a volume boosting mascara (all, by the way, key trends for the coming season).

An investment that will see us using every product we’ve bought, rather than a feeble 2014 slice.

By Katy Young, beauty editor, The Telegraph