Give him what he really wants this Christmas

By Jonathan Futrell, How to Spend It

Christmas is the perfect time to tweak your man’s essential wardrobe. Present him with one of those key items no well dressed modern fella can afford to be without; classics that will always be key, crucial, and essential - and set him apart.

1. The Tie Pin

Tie-pins are practical (they’ll stop him dipping his tie in the minestrone) - but they show real pizzazz too especially when worn in the lapel. These Alice Made This pins (£110) will keep even kipper ties in place by adding just a touch of rock ‘n' roll. (Available in Fenwick Bond Street).

2. The Waistcoat

Short, fat, thin, or tall - all men look great in a waistcoat (a vest if you’re American). They hold in, firm up, sharpen and flatter. It’s why Tom Ford once described them as ‘armour’ for the modern man. Country comfort meets urban style with this tweed waistcoat (£149) by Tiger of Sweden. Undone with a check shirt or maybe buttoned up with a knitted tie. (Available at Fenwick Bond Street).

3. The Haircare 

All men suffer bed-head hair from time to time, and that’s when they’ll be grateful for Kiehl's New York hair products. The Creme with Silk Groom above (£18) is a moisturiser and conditioner that can be left on all day (and night). Or for full control the Creative Cream Wax (£16) is a non-greasy volumiser. (Available in Fenwick Newcastle and Tunbridge Wells)

4. The Christmas jumper

Every man should have at least one John Smedley merino wool jumper in his wardrobe. I have six and hope to have more come Boxing Day. Kendal v-necks, seen here, look great worn with a T-shirt, and the Belvoir roll-neck (both £135) is perfect for dressing down that business suit for the evening. (Available in Fenwick Bond Street and Newcastle).

5. The Shaving Supplies

Now that every other Premiership footballer is sporting a beard like a Founding Father it’s time to clean that chin. These Earnest Supplies shaving rolls (£129) will help your fella stay smooth - whether after a gym work-out, or on that weekend away. (Available in Fenwick Bond Street).

6. The Pyjamas

No man’s man buys himself pyjamas. It’s unthinkable. But presented with one of these stunning sets from nightwear supremo Derek Rose - elegant pure cotton Maestros (£174) with white piping - and he’ll love you forever. There’s a thought. (Available in Fenwick Bond Street).

7. The Tie

“I don’t want anybody here without coats and ties," said Sinatra, a man who valued the nuance of an undone knot more than most. Ole Blue Eyes would have loved these woven ties from Marwood (£280), combining Rat Pack nonchalance with real sharpness. (Available in Fenwick Bond Street).

8. The Shirt

Say it with flowers. Keep your man on trend in 2015 with something floral, like this Ted Baker’s horticultural Noface cotton shirt (£95). Bloomin’ lovely. (Available in Fenwick Newcastle, Tunbridge Wells, Brent Cross, Leicester and Canterbury).

9. The Pocket Square

Revitalise a tired jacket or business suit with one of Paul Smith’s edgy pocket squares (£49). It’s the venerable style guru’s classic with a dash of style; puffed up and full, or folded flat with the corners peaking over the top. If he really wants to cut a dash get him to wear one in his overcoat breast-pocket. (Available in Fenwick Bond Street, Newcastle, Tunbridge Wells, Canterbury and York)

10. The Thermals

Thermal undies are the difference between looking cool and catching cold and the best of the new generation are made with wool (man-made tend to pong). Like this Woollen silk set (top, £78.50 and leggings, £78.50) from 130-year-old Swiss menswear brand, Hanro. Plus, he’ll look dead cool around the house if nothing else. (Available in Fenwick Bond Street).

By Jonathan Futrell