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What makes a man marriage material?

 The best ones are their beau’s rock: cool, reliable, understated when it's her moment to shine, but disarmingly dashing all the while. 

It's fitting, then, that what a man wears on his big day reflects the qualities that have made him his partner's dream catch. Find the perfect fit by following our guide to wedding outfits no matter what type of man you are...

Game, Set, Match Made in Heaven: The Good Sport Groom  

If you fancy yourself as the sporting sort, why not take inspiration from tennis legend Rafael Nadal, who has worked with Tommy Hilfiger to deliver a range which includes the perfect suit for the groom who wants to feel at the top of his game.

Crafted from a special blend of breathable wool, you could even take to the court in this suit - but we are reliably informed that won't score you any points with the Mrs. The only people serving on the big day should be the catering staff, and the only match-making you'll be doing is setting up the best man with a bridesmaid. Round off a modern sports luxe look with a crisp white shirt, loafers and silver-edged accessories.

Tommy Hilfiger Nadal Edition Suit Jacket and Trousers, £450; Available at Fenwick Brent Cross

Hugo Boss Solid-Coloured Tie in Cotton, £75; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

Eton White Shirt, £100; Available at Fenwick Kingston

Paul Smith Men Slim Fit Grey Wool Blend Kensington Suit, £729; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

Russell and Bromley Fever Bar & Pin Buckle Belt, £75; Available at Fenwick Canterbury

Russell and Bromley Misty Trimmed Slip on Loafer, £185; Available at Fenwick Canterbury

Mulberry Cufflinks, £135; Available at Fenwick Kingston

The Commitment-Phobe Groom (sartorially speaking, of course…)

If you feel there's no permanent place in your wardrobe for an Edward style jacket and top hat but you’re keen to nuptial-up in traditional style, you can rent rather than buy for the big day. Using Young's Hire at Fenwick Bracknell, suit up in style without having to clear out wardrobe space to keep it after the event.

Even better, Young’s Hire will currently provide the groom’s outfit free of charge if you hire five or more outfits - talk about team style on a budget. Use the extra cash to invest in some timeless accessories. 

Young's Hire Formal Wear Packages; Available at Fenwick Bracknell

Hugo Boss Brass Cufflinks, £65; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

Russell and Bromley Chelsea Semi Pointed Oxfords, £175; Available at Fenwick Canterbury

The Groom Who Doesn’t Fear Flair

While many grooms may be happy for their bride to take centre stage on the big day, you're no wallflower in the formal dressing stakes. If you’re looking to punch a bit of personality into your look, here are some suggestions on how to dress for your big day without looking over the top. Subtly shaded accessories offset against a classic grey suit are not only a stylishly modern alternative to black and brown, they pair beautifully with wedding floral favourites (and win you points for attentiveness). No rose-tinted spectacles required.

While you're promising to take the rough with the smooth in your married life, you can also echo this in your outfit; textured and patterned suits and accessories are a great way to inject some interest and uniqueness in to your wedding day look.

Peckham Rye Maroon Snakeskin Silk Tie, £60; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

Paul Smith Cufflinks, £85; Available at Fenwick Canterbury

Micro Tie Handkerchief, £15; Available at Fenwick Kingston

BOSS, £529.00; Available at Fenwick Canterbury

Russell and Bromley Oak Antiqued Brogue Belt, £100; Available at Fenwick Canterbury

Russell and Bromley Oak Antiqued Brogues, £225; Available at Fenwick Canterbury

The Cool as Ice Groom

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… While the superstition around wearing blue at your wedding was to ward off the Evil Eye of bad luck, there are plenty of other reasons this colour has become a modern classic for groom suiting; there’s a shade to suit everyone that has just enough cool impact without distracting from the bride. 

The only eyes you’ll be getting in these get-ups are of admiration…

Jaeger Wool Mohair Modern Three Piece Suit, £524; Available at Fenwick Canterbury

Montblanc Cufflinks, £210; Available at Fenwick Kingston

Russell and Bromley Willow Tassel Slip-on Loafer in Tan, £225; Available at Fenwick Canterbury

BOSS, £529.00; Available at Fenwick Canterbury

Hugo Boss Tiepin in Brass and Stainless Steel, £65; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

Paul Smith Slim-Fit Navy Pin Dot Wool Suit, £675; Available at Fenwick of Bond Street

For more guidance on planning your big day, head over to Fenwick's Wedding Guide...

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By Lucy Cox