Hot on the scent: Stylist Charlotte Stockdale's new collection for Jo Malone London


As a stylist for Vogue, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld, Charlotte Stockdale has seen her fair share of the world. It's no surprise then that her latest home fragrance collection is aptly titled 'My Wanderlust'. In it, she has captured memories of her adventures, whether it’s the scent of crushed oregano as she ran on the hillsides of Corfu as a child, the smell of a freshly cut box hedge at her 18th Century family home, or shooting for Vogue at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Now fashion director of hip magazine, Garage, we asked her what different smells mean - and scent’s nascent ability to take you places.

How does scent trigger a sense of adventure for you?

It makes you want to explore where that scent is from or reminds you very distinctly of where you have been. Like music, it not only reminds you of where you’ve been, but when you’ve been there. It takes you back to a time in your life. Or it can be something that makes you want to go somewhere new. I used to drive to Greece with my brother on a motorbike each summer. It’s different to being in a car. You get such strong scents in each country. I learnt that countries have their own smells. Those trips were the start of a real passion for scent for me.

What is your first memory of scent in a new and unknown place?

It would be getting off the plane in Corfu at night. There’s something about a hot runway which intensifies scents. I took a breath and remember thinking, this smells so different. Everything is alien and new. I get it when I land in Japan or India. Those countries have completely different scents.

What are your top tips for travel?

I try not to eat on planes. I think there’s something about food combined with altitude which isn’t good. I drink a lot of water. I also put a very thick layer of face cream the minute I sit down. Jo Malone London’s Vitamin E Gel is a recent discovery. It’s perfect for flying, really nourishing and it works like a mask that sinks in over the flight. I usually take some sort of essential oil with me too and use it on my own eye mask. I find the lavender scent of Lino Nel Vento Linen Spray is very soothing sprayed onto my eye mask at the moment I want to sleep. I love calming herbal scents.

Do you take anything with you to remind you of home?

Sometimes I travel with pictures of my daughters and, if I can, I take a travel candle. Now I take the Box Hedge Square Scent and put it out in my room as soon as I arrive. It gives off that English garden scent straight away. I also take Linen Spray. I really like my room to smell. I put all my toiletries out and run a bath with Red Roses Bath Oil and it brings my world back into the hotel room.

What is your favourite memory of travelling?

I have two really special memories. One is horse riding in the foothills of the Himalayas and the other is doing the Trans-Siberian Express from Moscow to Beijing. Two of the most amazing things I have ever done.

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Jo Malone is available in Fenwick Newcastle, Brent Cross, Tunbridge Wells

By Claire Brayford