How to be a snow queen

We don't know about you, but this polar vortex can certainly wreak havoc on a girl's beauty regime. Everywhere we look there's something flaking, chipping or breaking, whether it be our skin, our hair or our nails. We can't change the weather but we can change how we look in it. That is why we have compiled the ultimate ten tips to surviving it like a snow queen.


1. The Palette

Who better than the man who brought us Orgasm blush, Francois Nars, to hit upon the perfect palette to take us through such icy weather. Nars has created the perfect spectral snow queen collection - as modelled by the characterful 53-year-old actress Tilda Swinton - with the softest pink for the eyes and cheeks, a barely-there tan for the lips and an opalescent gloss. It is make-up that is beautifully undone.

The new colour collection at Nars (Available in select Fenwick stores).

2. The Foundation

From dry air-conditioning, to the freezing cold via a hot and sweaty train, no wonder the winter wreaks havoc on our skin. Thankfully Clinique's new Beyond Perfecting foundation is designed to be all weather-proof. A foundation and concealer combined, it alternately adds hydration or absorbs excess oil whenever it needs to. In 20 different shades, the breathable formula makes perfect skin just the wave of a magic wand applicator away.

Beyond Perfecting foundation and concealer, £25, Clinique (Available in all Fenwick stores)

3. The Serum

The power of honey and Royal Jelly have long been harnessed to naturally heal the damage caused to skin, but never so effectively as with Guerlain’s Abeille Royal Daily Repair serum. It works to recondition on every level. From plumping the supporting tissue below, to smoothing and refining the surface - your skin is filled out and naturally infused with youth and glow. Frederic Bonte, director of research at Guerlain, says: "With the new serum generation, they are expertly combined to fight not only visible signs of ageing, but also those still invisible to the naked eye.”

Abeille Royal daily repair serum, £120, Guerlain (Available at select Fenwick stores).

4. The Mask

Sluggish and lacklustre - our skin feels a lot like us in this weather. Give it a refreshing kick start with NuBo's White Diamond Ice Glow mask. Featuring tiny diamond particles, it is made to restore radiance and glow to dull tired winter skin. With special oxygen infusion to ensure the skin is calmed, there is even the scent of fresh rose to lift the spirit. You will be left feeling sparkling.

White Diamond Ice Glow mask, £100, NuBo (Available at Fenwick Bond Street)

5. The Lip Solution

Lip oils are currently the hottest trend in conditioning lip colour and the most sought-after is the YSL Tint in Oil. The vibrant shades are suspended in four different deep conditioning oils, including apricot kernel oil and jojoba seed oil, and the result is surprisingly smooth lips that are not at all sticky.

Volupte Tint in Oil, £23.50, Yves Saint Laurent (Available at select Fenwick stores)

6. The Cream

The depths of winter call for a skin cream that will actually work. Step forward the Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-aging cream. When it comes to hydration this is one to drink in. Don't be fooled by the silky lightweight texture, it revitalises, rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. You'll be amazed how soft your face feels.

Revitalising Supreme Global Anti-aging cream, £36, Estee Lauder (Available in all Fenwick stores)

7. The Scalp Treatment

One oft neglected area when temperatures plummet is your scalp. We tend to scrape our hair back into a ponytail or bury it beneath a hot knitted hat. And the result? Flakes. Philip Kingsley's Flaky Itchy treatment kit is a three-step regime featuring an exfoliating scalp mask, a flaky itchy scalp shampoo and scalp toner to really soothe the scalp and ensure there is no unsightly white stuff.

Flaky Itchy treatment kit, £40, Philip Kingsley (Available in select Fenwick stores)

8. The Nail Oil

Nails are never as long and strong in the winter as they are in the summer. A great helping hand is to pop the Nails Inc Vitamin E pen into your handbag. Brush the hydrating oil into the cuticles to nourish the whole nail on the go and prevent breaking and splitting.

Vitamin E Cuticle Oil pen, £14, Nails Inc (Available at Fenwick Bond StreetCanterburyKingstonNewcastleTunbridge WellsWindsor and York)

9. The Eye Cream

Dark circles, puffiness, uneven skin tone? Our eyes have definitely looked younger and brighter, which is why an eye cream is a must especially in winter. For such a tiny little jar, the Eve Lom eye cream is an action-packed product. Containing Ginseng-derived Jiaogulan to enhance blood circulation and help reduce puffiness, Swiss Garden Cress Extract to encourage a more even tone, Shea Butter & Rose Hip Oil to reduce the look of fine lines and Echium Seed Oil for its rejuvenating Omega 3 and 6. We'll take two.

Eye cream, £48, Eve Lom (Available in Fenwick Bond Street, Canterbury, Kingston, Newcastle, Tunbridge Wells and York)

10. The Night Cream

In this weather all you want to do is bury yourself beneath the covers, switch off and hibernate. So just make sure your night cream is working overtime. 111 Skin's Nocturnal Eclipse ultra-hydrating face cream will do just that. A high concentration of Hyaluronic acid protects, captures, and retains moisture, while Centella Asiatica stimulates collagen. You will be able to see the effects in the morning. 

Nocturnal Eclipse night cream, £160, 111 Skin (Available at Fenwick Bond Street)

By Claire Brayford