How to create the perfect spring table by Sophie Conran


With her astonishingly creative family - her father is designer Sir Terence Conran, her mother, food writer Caroline and her brother, fashion designer Jasper – Sophie knows a thing or two about conjuring beautiful spaces. With her new Blue tableware for Portmeirion hitting select Fenwick stores, we quizzed her on her top five tips to creating a stylish spring table.  

1. Spring into action

Look at the colours all around you - everything light and natural with subtle pastels, gorgeous yellows and luscious greens. Incorporate these shades into your Spring table with bunches of fresh flowers, arranged in an organic fashion so it looks like they are straight out of the garden.

As well as flowers, I love the look of putting potted plants on the table, they really make it feel like I have brought the outdoors inside. The colours depends on the occasion and the look that you want. For Easter I will be using yellow, blue and white as they are lovely spring colours.

2. Use a host of golden daffodils


Daffodils are a lovely and simple way to add a little colour to your table settings.

I use tiny daffodil heads wrapped in string instead of a napkin ring - it’s a lovely finishing touch. I have an enormous collection of linens, which I love.

I have got everything from fine-Irish, handmade damask to 50s embroidered kitch linens in all sorts of different colours.

3. Celebrate the season

Whether you are having a special lunch or dinner try using vases of one seasonal flower like snowdrops or daffodils - plants potted up in vintage terrines also look great as a table centre.

You can pack them with moss and put a few cooked quails eggs in the moss for an extra Eastery atmosphere.

Trays also make beautiful centrepieces. I love to experiment and fill them with spring bulbs and flowers. They are practical because they are low, so you can still see the people sitting opposite you.

4. Get carried away


I like to make the most of the table whether it is for a lengthy meal with friends and family or just a quick bite on my own, I like to set the table properly.

I think it is important to appreciate those moments every day.

My attitude towards life is that I want to make every meal as lovely as it possibly can be. When it is a special event like Easter, I enjoy getting really carried away!

5. Enjoy experimenting at Easter


I always ensure there are vases full of beautiful spring flowers everywhere at Easter.

I hang crochet baskets or glass baubles from mimosa branches.

My children and I also do egg painting and then display the eggs in little baskets on the table.

Everybody has their own style - you should enjoy finding your own. Everybody is a little bit different, which is what makes it interesting!

By Claire Brayford