How to make fashion playful by Kate Spade's Deborah Lloyd

kate spade new york has taken the fashion world by storm. The designer brand’s handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories are more in demand than ever as women across the globe identify with the stylish but "playful" brand.

Natalie Joos, top casting agent, fashion consultant, author and photographer, claims to identify with the “Kate Spade girl”. Joos caught up with kate spade new york’s president and chief creative officer Deborah Lloyd to chat about Brits’ “humorous” approach to fashion, making sure the brand doesn’t become “too trendy” and the fashion guru's tips for getting dressed in the morning.

I identify 100% with your description of the Kate Spade girl: “She doesn’t take herself too seriously. She loves fashion but doesn’t let it dictate her. She wears it the way she wants to wear it, she likes to wear pieces that make her stand out, and she’s very comfortable being herself.” 

When you started to work at kate spade new york, did you begin the design process by creating this confident Kate Spade girl to wear your clothes or did the girl gradually develop?

It was a very organic process – I spent a lot of time in New York and London which helped open my eyes to the way that different girls in different cities style themselves and the clothes; It had an immense effect on the way I design.

I find the prim and proper attitude of the brand in perfect alignment with the sophisticated English girl. Did your British background come into play at all?

Brits have a sense of humor in the way we approach fashion. I’ve integrated this into the product offering through conversation-starting novelty bags and elements of surprise and delight in stores. There is always a wink or a nod in our products throughout our collections.

What was your earliest fashion memory?

When I was growing up, my aunt traveled around the world. She was an avid collector of vintage and always brought me back the most beautiful pieces. I forged an early appreciation of vintage, which inspired my love of fashion.

Do you use any vintage in your design process?

We look to the past to influence the future. I’m an avid collector of vintage, which influences my designs seasonally.   

kate spade new york Ready-to-Wear fashion is available at Fenwick Bond Street.

Is the kate spade new york heritage important? Do you look at the past or just to the future?

The kate spade new york brand DNA is always top of mind in everything we do as a company. We are constantly looking for new ways to evolve the brand and expand our customer database, while never forgetting where we came from. Our girl will always be quick, curious, playful, and strong. We are now providing new ways for her to enter the kate spade new york brand through expanded product categories in new geographies, which is exciting.

What are some of the biggest changes or enhancements you've made at the company since your arrival?

When I joined kate spade new york it was my goal to launch the ready to wear product category; We can now dress our girl head to toe.

How do you know when a garment will do well in the stores?

At kate spade new york we’ve done a great job at acknowledging seasonal trends without being too trendy. We want our girl to buy into classic pieces from the brand that she will wear forever.

How would you describe what the new collection for SS16 will look like in a few words?

'Say it with…'

In one sentence…

How do you get dressed in the morning?

Pick one statement piece to anchor your outfit and get dressed around it.

What makes you feel confident?

The perfect party dress. 

How do you focus?

By escaping to my country house with my husband, Simon, and two standard schnauzers, Lulu and Stanley.

How do you keep looking young?

With a work/life balance.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Take risks and don’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd.

Do you have a mantra or life motto?

Do what you love and love what you do.

By Natalie Joos