How to make the most of your beauty sleep with Dr. Hauschka

Beauty, much like fashion, is no stranger to hyperbole. Do your eyes glaze over at the mention of yet another “miracle” serum that promises to deliver the youthful bloom of Suri Cruise?

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But what about biodynamic farming? It’s not new, but it’s a beauty buzzword that is gathering momentum. It is based on the thinking of the Austrian writer and philosopher Rudolf Steiner, who launched the movement in 1924. Steiner believed that all elements of farming, such as livestock, soil and harvesting sustain each other - and the moon played a role as well. Still with me?

He argued that growing mutually beneficial companion crops near to one another enabled certain produce to take from the soil and others to give back. And for those with a sceptical mind, several studies show that some biodynamic crops have superior qualities to those of conventional farming and create beauty products with more active and potent ingredients.

These plants are grown and harvested at particular times of the day and in accordance with lunar cycles. During an ascending moon, the upper plant is filled with vitality, which, in biodynamic terms, is a perfect time to harvest.

Dr. Hauschka is among several brands to use rich plant-based products which have been harvested and produced to support the body’s regenerative phase at night. Its latest Night Serum promises to be its most effective yet.

Elena Dowedeit, head of international product management, gives us the lowdown on the new Dr. Hauschka Night Serum.

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Why is this serum so potent?

First I should start by saying that Dr. Hauschka believes that the skin is capable of doing everything itself but due to our hectic lifestyles (going to bed or working too late), our body doesn’t always recognise its natural rhythm and therefore the regenerative process of healing which takes place at night can usually be supported.

That is what this serum does. Nighttime is a very active time for the skin. Our oil free formula allows the skin to breathe deeply and open fully for regeneration. The ingredients and formulation are centred around the apple plant: so on the one hand we have apple blossom which helps the regenerative process and then the apple fruit promotes radiance.

We are currently harvesting the apple blossom and we do it early in the morning when the apple blossom opens and we do it carefully, respecting the tree as a whole, so we don’t pick all the blossom but a percentage of it so that it can still enjoy a full harvest in autumn. Also its essential oils are often in full potency in the morning and evaporate during the day.

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How can we make the most of our skincare at night?

By stopping and letting go of the day. For many women our nighttime ritual can be a great way of unwinding your senses and getting ready for an evening of regeneration.

And also our intensive treatments, designed to be used over a minimum 28-day period (the skin’s renewal time) really help. But we think it’s important to care for your skin every evening.

Explain the importance of rhythms

Everything living has a rhythm. Plants have a rhythm: when they should be harvested or grown and our bodies have a rhythm too. You can’t rush the effect of skincare. As I explained, it’s going to be a full 28 days before you see a difference when you start with new products.

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Which ingredients really work at night?

There aren’t specific ingredients that work better at night but our body oils or washes follow a holistic approach, so if you need calming, lavender is best, or you might use lemon if you want to feel revitalised. For more mature skins, we use red copper in that range as it is full of anti-oxidants.

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By Carolyn Asome