How to solve the five biggest hair hang-ups

Our poor hair is put through its paces on a daily basis. Wind, sun, heat styling, pollution – need we go on? But when damage or frizz occurs, it can easily be deterred with the right products and a little know-how.


Image: Sachajuan

And luckily, a number of hair products now harness the science of skincare so we can give our locks the same kind of TLC that we treat our complexions to. Here’s how to restore your locks to their former healthy glory.

If your hair is damaged

As our hair grows longer, the ends become older, which in turn makes them subject to breakage and splitting. What’s more, continued use of hair tools, colouring, sun-exposure and even hair twiddling damages your locks further.

For this, we turn to Bumble & Bumble Repair Blow Dry, a serum/crème hybrid that helps seal split ends, protects against heat and UV damage and deters any breakage – leaving your tresses silky soft and strong.

What more could you ask for?

Bb Repair Blow Dry, £23, Bumble and Bumble
Available at  Fenwick Bond Street, Kingston, Newcastle and York

If your hair is parched

You’ve received the warning signs: brittle ends, dull colour and breakage. Whether you’ve been having fun in the sun or over-styling your hair, certain daily stresses have the ability to break down our hair’s natural moisture barrier, leaving it dry beyond belief.

But all it’s crying out for is a decent hit of moisture, so switch to a hydrating conditioner like Ojon’s Rare Blend Moisture Therapy Conditioner and it’ll be back to its healthy, shiny self in no time.

Rare Blend moisture therapy conditioner, £23, Ojon
Available at  Fenwick Bond StreetKingston, and Newcastle 

If your scalp is dry

Though we often forget, our scalp should be treated like the skin on our face. After all, it’s prone to sensitivity and dehydration too. Using too much shampoo can exasperate the problem, as this strips away the natural oils that are key to maintaining a healthy scalp.

An exfoliator like Kiehl’s Deep Micro-Exfoliating Pre-Shampoo Treatment will help balance, control dandruff and stimulate a healthy turnover on the surface of your scalp.


Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment, £20, Kiehl’s
Available at  Fenwick  KingstonNewcastle and Tunbridge Wells

If your hair is thinning

Around 50 per cent of us are affected by thinning hair at some point in our lives and while causes can be complex, there are lots of incredible treatments on offer that are specially formulated to not only combat the problem, but give you a boost in volume too.

Look out for products that include procapil, it’s a breakthrough formula that strengthens your hair and naturally prevents hair loss, namely because it combines a quad of vitamin-enriched acids, that work to target everything from circulation to follicle damage.

Sachajuan Hair Control Treatment is here to save the day, as it’s designed to leave you with fuller, thicker and denser looking locks, which is exactly what it does.

Hair Control Treatment, £20, Sachajuan
Available at  Fenwick Bond Street

If your hair is frizzy

Banish any unwanted frizz by treating your locks to a weekly mask to ensure they stay super-sleek and smooth – even in the most humid of environments.

Aveda Smooth Infusion Masque will have your hair back to its lustrous self, infused with organic botanicals from Shea butter to cupuacu, it’s a holiday must-have, leaving you with super shiny locks whatever the weather.

Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque, £25, Aveda
Available at  Fenwick Brent Cross, CanterburyKingstonNewcastle, Tunbridge Wells and York

By Alice Jones