Introducing unique & visionary fashion brand NEHERA

Comprising of quality, precision and attention to detail; Slovak and Czech heritage brand NEHERA represents a modest choice for confident yet enigmatic women. We caught up with NEHERA designer, Samuel Drira, to learn more about the brand and discover their SS17 collection, available at Fenwick of Bond Street.

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Exclusive to Fenwick NEHERA Dixi dress, £890

Established at Paris Fashion Week in 2015, the originally Czechslovakian brand NEHERA was founded in the 1930's by flourishing businessman Jan Nehera. Rediscovered in 2014 by the visionary fashion director and designer, Samuel Drira, NEHERA now combines unique shapes with timeless craftsmanship, aiming to be an individual voice in the fashion industry. We spoke to Samuel about the brand's identity and the inspiration behind it's recognisable collections...

What would you consider is NEHERA’s mission in the fashion industry?

Well, mission sounds a bit extreme, but I believe that in a saturated market of brands it really matters to stick to a vision rather than trying desperately to replicate the never ending change of trends. There's a sense of risk in every aspect of a NEHERA piece's making process. We always try to push things in a different angle, even when the purpose is as down to earth as a basic T-Shirt.

How would you describe the style and aesthetic of the brand?

Not as minimal as people tend to sometimes describe it. We try to widen the possibilities of how a garment can look from the perspective of a hanger, usually quite familiar and classic. The way a shirt-dress is wrapped around the body and reconstructed accordingly can generate a new set of functions that are yet unnamed, blurred, and waiting for the skill of the wearer to reinvent them. I think the aesthetic of the brand is drawn by this need of weaving the individuality of the wearer into the garment.

NEHERA Parmi trouser, £325

How are NEHERA’s designs received by different individuals?

I hope the first feel is comfort. I like it when people stand out of the crowd and are, at the same time, totally invisible because their clothes seem to be forgotten by them and translating their every single gesture. I don't think any of the people who dress in NEHERA could be qualified as fashion peacocks.

Where does the inspiration come from for the latest collection?

Mainly from fabrics and proportions and how the body interacts and moves in them. For spring/summer '17, there was an 'east meets west' vibe - a kind of hybridisation of familiar items such as the jacket or the white shirt, with the simple cut of the kimono.

NEHERA Barton top, £365; NEHERA Sidi skirt, £395

Where does the colour palette come from?

We've never really been into frilly colours yet our palette changes from season to season. The range of tones that link all the colours together are subdued going from undyed to ecru, sand, beige and pale brown.

What is in the future for NEHERA? Where would you like to see the brand go?

Fashion is a business based on competition and pressure, and I think it's important from time to time to step back in a sort of parallel zone, to slow down in order to achieve our goal of making clothes as perfect as we can. That's how I see the future. As a consequence of what we are doing now.

NEHERA Darci dress, £699; Exclusive to Fenwick NEHERA Toss shirt, £464

Discover the NEHERA SS17 collection in store now at Fenwick of Bond Street and find out more about their key pieces here. 

 Fenwick of Bond Street is now home to a reimagined exhibition by photographer Mária Švarbová, portraying the SS17 collection in a public pool from the socialist era. Amongst the collection, Fenwick of Bond Street will be home to the exclusive printed Dixie dress and Toss shirt, discover these in store now. 

By Ellie Hamilton