Keep your kids wrapped up warm this winter with Polarn O. Pyret

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Cast your mind back to when you were a child on a snowy day. While you may have raced outside to play, it's unlikely you made it out the door before your mother wrapped you up in layer upon bulky layer, leaving you awkwardly padded and unable to do much except roll down snow hills.

Thankfully, childrenswear brand Polarn O. Pyret believe that kids should be kids and have created high-tech outerwear to eliminate these restricting issues. Developed to provide both warmth and comfort, each piece of clothing has been designed with playtime in mind. Whether the little ones are hopping, skipping, rolling, climbing, jumping or running, the brand's outwear is specially created to allow them to play freely.

Polarn O. Pyret's co-founder Jo Nilsson, who claims the key to dressing the little ones for winter is layering sensibly, shared her top layering tips with The Daily Muse…

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Layer 1: Next to the skin

  • “Polyester thermals are best for active kids because they’ll wick moisture away from the skin when they sweat.”
  • “Neck-warmers or ‘fake polos’ are a warm and safe alternative to scarves.”
  • “Cotton is not recommended because it retains moisture without locking in warm air, making the wearer feel cold.”

Layer 2: The middle

  • “Polyester fleece is ideal for all temperatures as it is warm yet breathable.”
  • “Merino wool can also be worn as a middle layer, as it’s a natural insulator that locks the heat in.”
  • “Avoid heavy knitted wool sweaters as they are too restrictive and not breathable enough.”

Layer 3: Outerwear

  • “Waterproof ratings greater than a water-pillar of 10,000 are best for kids as they tend to spend lots of time playing on their knees, seats and backs.”
  • “Lightweight fabrics and pre-shaped arm sleeves and knees will not restrict movement.”

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Polarn O. Pyret is available at Fenwick Kingston and Newcastle

By Hanna Ibraheem