The Masters of Millinery: Celebrating 125 years at Fenwick of Bond Street

20160524 milliner article image

To mark Fenwick of Bond Street's 125th anniversary, we're celebrating our millinery heritage with our Decades of Drama exhibition - a collection of 13 bespoke hats, designed and created by the masters of modern millinery.

From Stephen Jones and Noel Stewart to Rachel Trevor Morgan and Piers Atkinson, we spoke to the masters themselves about their stunning designs, what Fenwick means to them and their style inspirations...

Visit our Decades of Drama by the Masters of Modern Millinery exhibition on the 2nd floor; place your bid in-store or online here.
Thursday 18th May – Thursday 2nd June

This auction is powered by Paddle8, and all proceeds go to Brain Tumour Trust.

By Grace Gargini