How to make your pet stylish with Mungo & Maud

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2015 proved that it's not just adults who are rocking the latest trends, with fashion becoming a focus for the whole family. Now, if London-based pet outfitters Mungo & Maud are anything to go by, dogs and cats could be the next style set.

We caught up with the brand's founder and creative director Nicola Sacher to hear about Mungo & Maud's inspiration (her English Setter, Rupert) and get tips on how to style a pet and the best places to take furry friends throughout the UK...

Where did the inspiration for Mungo & Maud come from?

Mungo & Maud are fictitious characters, left to one’s imagination. I visualise Mungo as the dog and Maud as the cat. The inspiration for the brand came to me when we got our first English Setter puppy. At the time, there was nothing other than traditional pet shops - I couldn’t find a simple elegant dog bed to complement my home or a beautiful lead that worked alongside my clothes. So I designed a bed and with that, the journey of Mungo & Maud began...

How would you describe the collection and what are some of your best selling items?

The collection has a creative and understated edge, using an innate sense of colour and a strong use of natural materials. Our Classic Bed has a cult following, as do the ever popular Rope Leads and Collars. I secretly adore our Pull My Leg Monkey. It amuses me when I see the limbs lined up on the floor.

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What tips would you give pet owners for keeping their pets groomed and stylish?

I am a tidy person but the joy of having a pet in your life offsets any annoyance about mess. To avoid having dog hair everywhere, I groom my dog every day and remove hairs on clothes or furniture with a lint roller. When my dog was a puppy there were little accidents, so it prompted us to develop an environmentally friendly ‘Mishap Spray’, which is very popular.

What’s the importance of buying high quality products for your pet?

Choosing to lavish one’s pet is far more about the owner than the dog. Our customers are highly style conscious and inevitably their lifestyle and taste extends to their dogs. They believe that owning a pet doesn’t mean putting up with unattractive accessories but the lengths that people go to to indulge their dog is a sign of great affection.

How has your own dog, Rupert, inspired you?

Rupert is my three-year-old English Setter. He is fearlessly independent but also sensitive. I am smitten really. He comes to the office with me daily, so he is very involved in the running of things. Each Mungo & Maud toy gets Rupert’s final seal of approval - the more licks the better.

Where are the best pet-friendly spots in the UK?

Some of my favourites are...

Dock Kitchen: Rupert is known by name at Dock Kitchen, he’s a regular, and takes up most of the floor space. The food is delicious and I often come here to sit quietly.  If you’re feeling inspired by the restaurant’s lighting, you can take a trip to Tom Dixon’s showroom below, it’s not easy to leave empty handed. Portobello Docks, London W10 5BU

Babington House: This is a place where we love to relax, and dogs love it there too. Rupert adores the Log Cabin set by the lake and it feels like Little House on the Prairie (I still miss that programme). The staff are amazing, the food is delicious and the Cowshed Spa is a challenge to leave. Babington, Frome, Somerset BA11 3RW

Richmond Park Petersham Nurseries: I can’t believe I’m in London when I come to this park.  It has such wildness about it. My dog is in heaven and I can’t leave the park without a walk through the Isabella Plantation, especially in the spring. I always swing by Petersham Nurseries afterwards for a delicious lunch and bit of interior retail therapy, dogs welcome of course. Petersham Rd, Richmond, Surrey TW10 7AG

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By Alison Millington