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Illustration: Blair Breitenstein

I had my first baby in April and I’m still not getting a lot of sleep. We have been invited to a lot of Christmas parties and I'd really like to go but please could you tell me how to make my eyes look less exhausted? I'm finding it hard to keep them open let alone make them sparkle. 

Shelly, 31, Surrey.  

Congratulations on the arrival of your little one, let me see if I can help you brighten up those eyes. 

Start by using Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash. The lightweight gel formula will instantly minimise any tiredness while refreshing them and helping to get rid of any puffiness or dark circles (£29).

Next reach for your eyelash curlers.

I would suggest Shiseido's metal eyelash curlers as they give the best curl. Feed your lashes through as close to the lash line as you can, you will instantly see your eyes open up, (£18.50). Time for some eye shadow. Try Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Chocolate eye trio (£49). Start with the neutral praline and apply a thin layer all over the lid so there's no creasing - then apply the brown sugar, which is a little more metallic and will help to catch the light and open up the eyes. 

Next I'm going to tell you how to apply secret eye liner. 

Reach for the dark chocolate ink gel eye liner and flip the brush over to the eye-liner end. Looking closely into a mirror, tilt your head back and gently lift your eyelid with your other hand so you can see the roots of your lashes from underneath. Then with a small amount of gel, gently push the brush into the roots from underneath all along the lash line. 

You will find a totally defined, lined eye without looking like you are wearing any liner at all. Magic. 

To finish off, I would recommend Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll mascara (£25). It has the false lash effect but will also separate the lashes. And remember, when applying, it’s all about the wiggle rather than just stroking it through.

Frey-ja Barker, make-up artist, Fenwick Bond Street, London


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