No room for careless whiskers: how to groom your beard to perfection

No longer the preserve of creative hipster types and everyone’s granddad, a fully whiskered face has now gone mainstream. A beard is a style statement, rather than a mark of unkempt youth, especially now David Beckham is sporting full facial hair


“Pampering is not just for women, men are looking after themselves and are searching out new and exclusive products rather than the usual mass market brands aimed at them and the beard is definitely a focus,” says Andrew Clymer, beauty buyer in Fenwick Newcastle. “They enjoy the luxury of it and are spending more on their beards than ever.”

There's no room for Yeti-like lengths though chaps - keep yours perfectly groomed with our pick of the essential kit.

1. The beard oil

“What is great about The Bearded Man Company is the wide range of fragrances for the beard from Irish Moss to Fresh Cut Grass," says Andrew. "The no-fuss products are filled with natural ingredients, they use wheat and nut oils to coat and soften beard hairs, leaving it smooth and nourished as well as reducing that all too common itch.”

Beard oil 10ml, £6.99, The Bearded Man Company.

2. The comb

“At Christmas we were inundated for requests for the Tom Ford beard comb and the Neroli Portofino beard oil," explains Andrew. "The oil is a wonderful lightweight blend of almond, jojoba, grapeseed oil and vitamin E which conditions and softens, while the traditional tortoiseshell comb is perfect for grooming the beard into place.”

Beard comb, £28, beard oil, £40, Tom Ford

3. The wax

“One of our most popular waxes is by Penhaligon’s," Andrew says. "It is described as a moustache wax but it works just as well on the beard. You simply warm a small amount between the forefinger and thumb and work it into the hairs. It features natural ingredients and a light scent of Baylea and holds your beard and moustache in place.”

Beard wax, £7, Penhaligon’s

4. The shampoo

“What makes this shampoo popular is the unusual, contemporary fragrance, featuring exotic wild berry and cantaloupe, it makes a change from the traditional sandalwood," Andrew advises. "It also doesn't have that bitter taste of a regular shampoo. It contains natural oil from coconut kernels to cleanse and botanical bark extracts to heal. Men want something with an artisanal element that isn’t filled with chemicals that will leave your beard clean, fresh and smelling great.”

Ultra Shampoo for Beards Cantaloupe/Wild Berry, £14.95, Beardsley

5. The shaving set

“While attention to skincare and appearance was once a women’s privilege, men now appreciate the ritual of shaving and looking after their skin," Andrew explains. "We have seen a lot of interest in luxury shaving accessories, razors, badger bristle brushes and porcelain bowls by traditional men’s grooming brand Dr Harris. The razor takes Gillette Mach 3 blades and each piece is hand-crafted and men really relish the luxury of it.”

The shaving brush and razor set, £105, Dr.Harris

Available at Fenwick Newcastle

By Claire Brayford