Pret-a-pavement: The best of London Fashion Week street style

As stylish as her subjects, we asked photographer and Vogue Australia’s contributing style editor, Candice Lake, to talk us through the standout looks she captured from this season’s showgoers (as well as her own).

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1. Candice Lake

This skirt is by Roksanda Ilincic - I would live in her clothes if I could. I'm 6ft and her designs - especially her trousers - really flatter tall women. I do wear heels but this season I decided to go all flat – I’m doing the mummy-chic thing. Here I am wearing Jimmy Choo flat boots. I love the shape of this skirt with the bubble-wrap effect - a group of school children wanted to pop it. I like ladylike but severe silhouettes - off-beat but still elegant. I liked that in the evening I could take off the over top and change into Jimmy Choo flats – just simple quick tweaks that transformed it from a bit rock ‘n’ roll into Fifties classic.

2. Roberta Benteler

I thought this summed up the whole street-style moment perfectly - you do see people walking down the street staring. But aside from that, if you look at what Roberta Benteler, founder of Avenue 32, is wearing it's just simple Frame denim overalls, with a stripe top. It’s not dissimilar to the outfit of the girl who's walking past but your eye is immediately drawn to Roberta because she looks so playful and has such presence. She was having so much fun.

Style is less about what you wear and more about how you wear it. It doesn’t need to be head-to-toe designer to look great. Fashion is a big, serious multi-billion dollar industry, but we have to have enjoy it. This is what gets people going about street style - it is fun.

3. Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris, fashion features director at British Vogue, has been very influential in the whole 'normcore' trend. Her dressed-down look is deceptively simple. She wears jeans and trainers, she lets her hair go grey and yet she has these big diamonds and her coat is Celine. She looks so groomed and immaculate. 

I captured her heading to the Preen by Thornton Bregazzi show. I like to photograph people when they are on the go. Photographers used to stop people outside the shows but it has got so crazy now, it's easier to catch them on the move. Besides I think everyone looks better in photographs when they're moving.

4. Sofie Valkiers

I don’t know if she was a model but Sofie certainly knows how to move. A blogger and columnist for Vogue China, I like that she is really into fashion. Whichever show she goes to, she wears heels and a perfectly polished look. Here she is in a green Burberry Prorsum trench - she pushes the boundaries and it's great when people go out there and really dress up (not that many people do any more) and she is so polished in an unapologietic way. It is hard to get a bad photo of Sofie.

5. Julia Sarr-Jamois

You can spot someone who is just following the trends a mile off. It is important to stay true to your style. I think Julia Sarr-Jamois' style has really grown up of late. She is still having fun with the Seventies librarian look with the crazy glasses but pared back a little. As i-D magazine's fashion editor at large, she wears lots of colour but now she offsets it with a turtle neck and a lean silhouette - it is more about the fabric or cut. 

I think it's so important to stay true to your style. She is very much who she is - fun and crazy – but now I think she has really hit her stride. 

6. Pandora Sykes

The Seventies are definitely here to stay for autumn and I really like Pandora Syke's take on the look. As fashion features editor and wardrobe mistress at The Sunday Times Style, she is not afraid to push the boundaries but she always looks polished and that is why it works. This season it felt like everyone was having so much more fun with fashion. It had become so serious - it was like the Oscars every day outside the shows.

When the street style phenomenon first exploded, brands grasped really quickly the money to be made from sending these street style stars looks to wear. Now customers have cottoned on to it. You don’t see people wearing the whole look as much any more - they are mixing it up.

7. Ella Catliff

Ella is the founder of personal style blog La Petite Anglaise and the quintessential English girl. I am fascinated by the whole Sloane Street set - she captures that demure beauty and poised look perfectly. I think in New York girls can be quite out there and brash, but in London you have lots of different style tribes - the East London look, which is quirky and individual, and then you have the Sloane Street look, which Ella does so well. She is probably not bang on fashion right now but she is staying true to who she is and I like that.

8. Caroline Sieber

Stylist and Chanel ambassador Caroline Sieber always looks so chic - but a little bit off at the same time. Here she is wearing head-to-toe Christopher Kane. It looks like a classic trouser suit but then there is a hint of a midriff and the trousers have a drawstring sweat pant-effect. I really like her style.

This is what is so fun about street style - it is great to see how the insiders interpret the trends and put it all together.

9. Jourdan Dunn

I don’t tend to shoot models, I am more interested in people. Here Jourdan Dunn is wearing a Burberry Prorsum jacket but let's face it, everything looks great on her.

What really interests me about her is how she is also a successful business woman and a great mum. A lot of girls at fashion week have endless credit cards but that is not true style.

It’s saving up for one piece that you love, borrowing from your mum or your boyfriend’s closet and mixing it up. It’s about wearing beautiful dresses when everyone is doing dressed-down normcore because that’s who you are.

10. Kate Moss

Kate Moss always arrives with this incredible fanfare. Here she is heading to the Burberry Prorsum show with Mario Testino. The front row had Kate, Naomi Campbell, Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn all sat together and people only had eyes for those four, their presence is amazing. She is clearly inspired by the Seventies in her fringed Burberry Prorsum cape but I like that it's worn in a very modern rock ‘n’ roll way with black jeans and a black top.

I am also in awe of anyone who can stay relevant for 20 years. And she is probably the only one who can get away with sunglasses on the front row - her and Anna [Wintour].

11. Veronika Heilbrunner and Justin O’Shea

The photographers were so happy when these two got together - Veronica is the style editor of Harper's BAZAAR Germany and Justin is buying director for - they make such a beautiful couple. You see in pictures him putting his hand back and her reaching for it. She is one of my favourite girls. I love her style. This dress could be really sexy but she teams it with riding boots, sheer black tights and a turtle neck.

And Justin is so dapper in his tailored suit with his monogrammed Burberry scarf - but then he also has an armful of tattoos underneath. They make an amazing couple.

12. Camille Charriere

French girls just have this trick of making clothes look good. I like the way Camille, founder of personal style blog Camille Over the Rainbow, creates looks that are so wrong, they’re right. If you laid this outfit on the ground it wouldn't work - the too-big leather vintage skirt, the beige bomber jacket with the Ralph Lauren Rickey bag - but somehow it clicks. Maybe it's that gamine chic or perfectly tousled hair - what can I say? She's French.

By Claire Brayford