Reboot your life with Five of the best health apps

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Your phone or tablet is the perfect tool to kick-start a healthy lifestyle this January, with these five clever apps. 

FoodSwitch UK

Scan the barcode of packaged food items at home or the supermarket with the camera on your smartphone and this clever app will provide instant nutritional information. Using a traffic light coding system of red, yellow and green based on its total fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt content, you can tell whether a food is good for you with a quick glance – and if you want to find something healthier, the app has a database of over 90,000 similar foods to guide you towards a healthier choice.

(Free, available on iTunes and Google Play)

Tempo Run

If you like a soundtrack to spur you on when pounding the pavements, TempoRun is the app for you, syncing your music playlist to the tempo that you want to run. The app automatically categorizes music into levels from 1 to 10, based on tempo. Level 1 is a walk, 5 is a jog, and 10 is a sprint. The easy-to-navigate app allows you to easily manage songs and speeds when you start jogging, so that you have the perfect soundtrack to your workout and stay motivated.

(Free, available on iTunes)

UP Coffee

If you are a coffee addict, have you ever wondered how your habit is having a knock on effect to your health? This clever app tracks the number of coffees you drink during the day, calculating the caffeine that is entering your system, with world-class scientists crunching the numbers so you can learn about your body’s reaction to cause jitters or poor sleep. If you want to make a clean, healthy lifestyle a priority for the year ahead, this is a great place to start.

(Free, available on iTunes)

The Walk

Encouraging you to take to the pavements this January instead of jumping behind the wheel of the car, this app turns your everyday walk into an adventure. Click onto the app to start the game, where you will read that a bomb has exploded in Inverness station and that you have been given a package to save the world. To stay alive, you have to walk the length of the UK, evading capture from the police and enemy agents – and the app will track your steps as you do it. The walking adventure contains 65 episodes and 800 minutes of audio to last you hundreds of miles on foot.

(£1.99, available on iTunes, Google Play)

GAIN Fitness

The very useful thing about this app is that you can input the fitness equipment you have available for your workout and it will suggest countless routines tailored to those items and your individual fitness level. It goes one better, as it also tracks every set, rep, weight, and rest time so you can monitor your progress. There are over 1,300 exercises, HD motion images, and step-by-step voice commands to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

(Free, available on iTunes)

By Louise Clarke