See the amazing before and after images from Charlotte Tilbury's new Magic Foundation

Charlotte Tilbury magic

“Whether you like it or not, you are judged by the state of your skin," says makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury. "You can tell so much about a person’s age, exhaustion, lifestyle and health from it. It’s your biggest beauty area. I have created the confidence of perfect skin in a bottle so that you can have it every day.” 

It may be five years in the making but her Magic Foundation (available in September) is still leading the vanguard in skincare/makeup formulas. Promising to not only conceal but actually improve problem skin, it contains a potent cocktail of ingredients that you are more likely to find in your favourite face cream than your foundation. Among the most exciting is a concentrated mushroom extract called Laricyl, heralded by French medics as an elixir for longer life, hyaluronic spheres which fill with moisture and even-out wrinkles and super-charged vitamin C which feeds the cells and boosts collagen.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

What also sets it apart is the range of 15 shades, from the palest to the darkest, all of which are applied with the new Magic Complexion brush, which you buff over imperfections to enhance the flawless finish.

"I conducted a survey of non-doctored before/after visual trials on 15 women with differing skin concerns and age ranges to prove how my new magic formula can cover any skin problem from mild to serious," Charlotte explains. As for the results, well, you can judge for yourself:


Redness, rosacea, discolouration and melasma.

Magic Foundation Solution:

To not only cover and conceal any discolouration or imperfections - the foundation also reduces the production of pigmentation-producing melanocytes over time to improve the overall appearance of the skin.


Tired, dull skin.

Magic Foundation Solution?

The anti-oxidant-rich formula rejuvenates the skin from within. Laricyl improves firmness, tightens pores and floods the skin with moisture. And the foundation is proven to promote the creation of new collagen fibres giving skin elasticity and bounce as well as slowing down the effect of free radicals, the cause of premature ageing.


Acne and scarring.

Magic Foundation solution

The super-charged Vitamin C (or VC-IP) not only feeds the cells, boosts collagen and slows down the effect of ageing free radicals, it visibly reduces the appearance of acne over time (it was tested after nine, 12 and 16 weeks). It also instantly tightens pores and reduces shine, while minimising the production of sebum after nine weeks. 

Magic foundation

Charlotte Tilbury is available at Fenwick Bond Street and Brent Cross.

By Claire Brayford