See Fenwick's Roman Treasure at Colchester Castle

Following a four month long excavation in August 2014, the Colchester Archaeological Trust unearthed a Roman treasure underneath our Fenwick store dating from the Boudican uprising.

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Just a couple of metres beneath the ground was a box filled with gold and silver jewellery and coins. It is said that this collection of gold and silver jewellery, discovered in the floor of a Roman house destroyed by the Boudican raid, was hurriedly hidden in the ground by a wealthy woman terrified of warrior queen Boudicca’s advance on Colchester.

The stash of her most valuable possessions was described as one of the finest collections of Roman jewellery in Britain when it was unearthed by archaeologists in a box under our store almost 2,000 years later. The hoard includes: two pairs of gold earrings, three gold bracelets, five gold finger-rings, a silver chain and loop, a copper-alloy bulla, three silver armlets, a glass intaglio, a collection of Roman republican coins, and the remains of a silver pyxis (jewellery box).

This is a remarkable archaeological find of international importance, which provides dramatic evidence of a key event in Colchester’s history: the destruction of the Roman city by Queen Boudica.

See the Fenwick treasure at Colchester Castle

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Fenwick Group Trading Director Hugo Fenwick and Colchester Mayor Theresa Higgins with the Fenwick Hoard at Colchester Castle

The Fenwick Treasure has been generously donated by Fenwick Limited to Colchester Borough Council for display in the Castle. Plan a trip to see the collection, then click here to browse the Roman-style jewellery from designers Rachel Boston and Georgiana Scott inspired by the treasure.

By Alison Millington