Stop wasting time with these five apps

Wish there were more hours in the day? These five time-saving apps will help you to find them.

Louis VuittonImage by Giampaola Sgura taken from Louis Vuitton Fashion Photography written by Charlotte Cotton and Martin Harrison published by Rizzoli

Beat Procrastination with Andrew Johnson

If you find yourself boiling the kettle, checking social media, and then feeding the cat to avoid working through the to-do list, this app is for you. Aiming to change your unconscious attitudes about putting things off, hypnotherapist Andrew Johnson leads the meditation app, starting with muscle relaxation, and then moving on to reprogramming your mind to associate feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and confidence with the completion of tasks. For lasting results, it’s recommended that you listen at least once a day for a minimum of three weeks.
(£1.99, available on iTunes and Google Play)

Cover Lock Screen

Compatible with Android devices, this clever app tailors your phone’s lock screen to the time of day, allowing you the quickest access to the apps that you need at that specific time. If you are the kind of person who wakes up and checks the weather forecast, hands their phone to the kids for a quick play before bed, and then winds down by listening to a sleep-training app, Cover Lock Screen will remember your habits and tailor your screen so they are instantly available when you grab your phone.
(Free, available on Google Play)


Find yourself scrolling through hundreds of junk emails before you can locate the important stuff? This clever app hands you back control of your inbox, making the time you spend on email clearer and more productive. Simply input your email address and password, and the app will scan your inbox for every email list you are subscribed to. A list will then appear where you can click to unsubscribe in a matter of seconds.
(Free, available on iTunes and Google Play)


If you spend all day getting distracted by links on the web, Pocket offers the easiest and quickest way to save them for later. Instead of bookmarking or emailing the links to yourself (or wasting precious time clicking when you really should be doing something more important), send the links to the app in a matter of seconds and they will be safely stored until you have more time. And the really genius bit is that the app will fully download the article or link, allowing you to catch up when you don’t even have internet connection. Tube journeys have never been more entertaining…
(Free, available on iTunes and Google Play)


When you download this clever, time-saving app, you will wonder how you ever functioned without it. Designed for apple device users, the app connects iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks to allow you to share files in a single click. Seconds after that click, the file will arrive on all your connected devices to view and save. Gone are the days of emailing photos and documents to yourself to free up some memory, as this allows you to do it in a matter of seconds.
(Free, available on iTunes)

By Louise Clarke