Summer Drinks: Making Cocktails with Rocktails

 To help you prepare for garden parties, BBQs and all other special occasions this summer, we’ve turned to Fenwick Colchester and Newcastle’s artisan frozen drinks brand, Rocktails, to look at how to create easy, refreshing and delicious summer drinks using their fragrant blends. 

Rocktails have created four unique frozen blends brimming with natural ingredients, botanicals and fruits, expertly selected from around the world to ensure intense flavour. Providing a fuss-free way to enjoy refreshing summer drinks, Rocktails are super easy to make - simply freeze, squeeze and serve your chosen blend. They’re great straight up as a fragrant non-alcoholic drink, or add a dash of tipple for delicious cocktails in seconds.

Take a closer look at the four blends and refreshing cocktail recipes below, and pop to Fenwick to concoct your own yummy Rocktails cocktails this summer! 


Fresh Lemon & Fragrant Thyme

A fresh, light zesty lemon juice muddled with fragrant aromas of Thyme. This blend draws on our passion for the classic Tom Collins using fresh lemon juice as a core base, elegantly infused with thyme to add a fragrant lift to the palate.

Use Thyme Collins to make: 

The Tom Collins


1 Thyme Collins Rocktail
25ml of Gin
Fresh thyme
Pomegranate seeds

To Serve:

Take a frozen Thyme Collins Rocktail pouch and allow it to defrost slightly. Pour 25ml of Gin into a glass, and then pour in the Thyme Collins. To garnish add a sprig of thyme & a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds.

Make it Spicy!

For a fiery twist, swap the pomegranate seeds for blackberries and hot chilli flakes.



Lime, Mint and Yuzu

A modern fresh take on the base of a mojito. The light zest of the fresh lime is perfectly balanced with the floral tartness of Japanese Yuzu, lifted with the fragrance of the garden mint.

Use Mockito to make:


Yuzu Martini

makes 4 drinks


1 Mockito Rocktail
50ml of Vodka
Squeezed lime
Green Chilli


Take a cooled Mockito Rocktail and cut the corner of the pouch. Pour 50ml of Vodka into a cocktail shaker, or similar. Pour in the Mockito and lime, shake well and pour into 2 glasses. To garnish add a slice of green chilli.



Passionfruit, Mango & Guava

Tropical paradise in a glass. Pressed, rich, decadent Alphonso Mangos are blended with alluring aromatics of Guava layered with a passion fruit base, giving that punchy yet sophisticated tang.

Use Sunset Sling to make:


The Mango Cooler


1 Sunset Sling Rocktail
25ml of Vodka
Fresh rosemary
Pomegranate seeds


Take a frozen Sunset Sling Rocktail pouch and allow it to defrost slightly. Pour 25ml of Vodka into a glass, and then pour in the Sunset Sling. To garnish add a sprig of rosemary & a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds.




Pineapple, Coconut Water & Guanabana

Young nutty Coconut Water rather than milk to keep it light, pressed South American Guanabana that gives the distinct creamy yet musky depth of pineapple and banana notes, blended with the caramel notes that come through from the fresh pineapple.

Use Coco Colada to make:


The Pina Colada


1 CoCo Colada Rocktail
25ml of White Rum
Slice of Lime / Fresh Chilli


Take a frozen Coco Colada Rocktail pouch and allow it to defrost slightly. Pour 25ml of White Rum into a glass, and then pour in the Coco Colada. To garnish add a slice of lime or a fresh chilli.

 Rocktails are £2.95 each; available at Fenwick ColchesterNewcastle.

By Ellie Hamilton