Taking the lead: the pets you need on your Instagram feed

They have followers, fashion, fur and fun, fun, fun. We asked writer Alice Olins to get the lowdown on Instagram's most engaging four-legged friends - pets with personality people. Here's what they had to say.


Followers: 96.7k @cecildelevingne

Yup that’s me, the coolest bunny on the block. My owner is Cara, her of the big modelling fame. She’s like, totally, utterly, amazing and we do crazy stuff together.

We’re like a couple, except I eat more carrots. I’m part of the current Topshop campaign, but it’s no biggy; I got used to the fame from my Mulberry days.

I’m in that shoot too. It’s a hard fashion life, but some bunny has to do it.



Followers: 144k @pitterpatterfurryfeet

We are Alice and Finnegan, two blue-eyed, Siberian Lynx Point kitties. We like doing arty stuff like watching raindrops and wondering whether spring has sprung.

We have a fun side too; sometimes, we go utterly crazy and jump out of a box wearing nothing but our creamy fur and a pair of crazy bow-ties. Here we are in our Game of Thrones costumes.

We also get our tongues out quite a bit, no, not in a saucy kind of way. We’re just waiting for milk.



Followers 658k @realgrumpycat

You lookin’ at me? Yeah, I have feline dwarfism. So what. I bet you haven’t earned £64 million for doing nothing other than being a cat and looking cranky all the time.

Put a jaunty hat on me – miserable. Surround me in balloons – miserable. Even when I meet the Cookie Monster – I felt proper miserable.

That’s my thang. No more comments. Goodbye.



Followers: 165k @dog_dada

Hi, my name is Dada. I'm a nine-year-old, long-haired Chihuahua. I live in Japan and am teeny tiny and super cutesy. My favourite pastimes are dressing up like Little Red Riding Hood and wearing my nicest Harris Tweed jacket.

I’ve just published my first book [eeeekkkkk!!!!!] it’s called A Little Sweetness because that’s what I am.

When I’m having some downtime, I pop a garland of white camellias on my head and look dreamily into the distance. It helps me find my inner Zen.



Followers: 449k @prissy_pig

Oink. We are Priscilla and Poppleton, sibling mirco-pigs. We live in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Me, Priscilla (it’s all about me really, but try not to tell that to Pops, he’s gets a bit mad), I like to wear pearls and a bow in my hair. AND I LOVE PINK. PINK, PINK, PINK, PINK, PINK. Poppleton is more of a blue pig.

He’s got a wicked sense of humour though. The other day, just to make us laugh, he dressed up as a hot dog. Get it? Funny. He’s a hoot.

Just so you know, we don’t do mud. Yuck, mud is messy. No, we’re more into sorting our prom outfits. That’s our kind of thing. Since you asked, I’m wearing black and sparkles.



Followers: 5650 @3pitsinachair

We are Bella, Opie, and Ember – a trio of Pit Bulls (grrrr) but don’t let that put you off. We’re kind of still small fry; we haven’t yet hit 10,000 followers.

Yeah, we think people are wary. Sometimes it makes us sad. We’re just regular dogs like the rest of them, but we’ve got a bad rep; all the bad stuff about our breed isn’t true.

We’re kind, we like wearing bandanas with our names on them and joking about in tiny top hats. Pit Bulls can be jolly too y’know.



Followers: 213k @millathecat

Milla (as in Jovovich) that’s me, I’m a lilac Scottish Fold Cat. Purrr. I'm ready for Coachella. Go hard, or go home that’s what I say. I’ve got my neon VIP band, my hippie flower garland, my bikini is ready for some pool party action.

I have yellow eyes and folded ears. I’m not going to lie, it’s a pretty unique combination. My perfect day is a Jane Fonda work out DVD (these legs weren't just born like this) followed by a catnap on my blue leather Chesterfield.

Fans paint pictures of me and pop them in the post. My followers keep me grounded. They keep me real.


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By Alice Olins