Ten reasons we're putting S.O.U.L in our home

We have long been filling our homes and wardrobes with timeless, practical style from across the North Sea. Now there is a Scandinavian brand bringing you those rare pieces collected from decades of travel that are the secret to a truly stylish home. Swedish homeware specialist S.O.U.L (Spirit Of Ultimate Lifestyle) offers living and dining furniture, as well as accessories, in solid wood and natural textiles inspired by the design team's experiences around the world. We have chosen to highlight the Provence collection, with its elegant wooden furniture, warm-grey tones, decorative olive trees and magnolia branches. 

1. This luxurious Margaret loose-cover sofa, from £1,000.


2. This stone bust, £96

3. This Antibes dining table, from £1,000, and Louvres dining chairs, £216

4. This leaf platter, £105

5. This upholstered mannequin, £330

6. This vintage inspired clock, from a selection 

7. This wooden upholstered Velleron armchair, £490

8. This correspondence organiser, from a selection

9. These linen cushions, £21

10. This writing table, from a selection

S.O.U.L is available at Fenwick Canterbury and Leicester.

By Claire Brayford