The 5 apps you need to stick to your New Year's resolutions

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While many of us start a new year with the most honourable intentions - to become fitter, healthier, more organised, happier or even more worldly - it can be easy to lose motivation if you set your heights too high.

Keep your goals in check and get the extra push you need to proceed with the support of some of the best fitness, productivity and lifestyle apps on the market. With tools that make life this easy, there's really no excuse not to stick to your resolutions this year...




Calorie counting, macro tracking and an exercise log can be crucial to kicking off a healthy lifestyle, particularly if weight loss is your goal. By creating a profile on MyFitnessPal and (truthfully) entering your weight, age, activity level and goals, you can see how many calories you should be eating and log your exercise and what you eat by scanning bar codes or entering brand information.

You can even enter the nutrition info for one of your own recipes to be easily logged time and time again.





Looking to check some destinations off your travel bucket list this year? Keep track of the countries you've visited with been, the app which visualises countries either as a list along with a ratio for each continent or as a world map.

You can even brag to your friends once you've taken a trip by sharing your map on social media. 




Whether you know you need to stress less, focus more, sleep better or simply smile in the morning, Headspace, the brainchild of former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, aims to make meditation accessible to everyone and anyone.

Puddicombe's 10-minute sessions are relaxed and easy to follow - we even hear Emma Watson is a fan...




Need inspiration to take you from novel newbie to budding bookworm? Goodreads connects book lovers to a database of books, authors, readers and reviews, allowing users to track what they read, make reading wish lists, set reading challenges or participate in exclusive Q&As with their favourite authors.

The app also includes a bar code scanner to help you build your online library - a must have for impressing at your next dinner party...


Suffer from a case of scatterbrain? Create to-do lists with the click of a button with, which can be synced across all of your devices - even on your desktop.

With a simple and stylish interface and scheduled reminders, there's no way you'll forget any important task with this tool by your side (or in your pocket)...

By Alison Millington