The game changers: the key accessories to transform your wardrobe

1. The Crieff Cap

Any country gentleman worth his salt will know the value of a flat cap, and few do them better than Barbour. Their superb range of Crieff caps look infinitely stylish when paired with a well chosen blazer and understated shirt. This will be the ideal accessory for finishing off your look this winter.

Barbour, £34.95 (Available at select Fenwick stores nationwide)

2. The Pocket Square

There are few items that scream style more than a well-balanced pocket square poking jauntily from a man's blazer pocket. Glance in the direction of the superb selection by Paul Smith and it will doubtlessly stand you in good stead.

Paul Smith, £50 (Available at select Fenwick stores nationwide)

3. The Gloves

With winter upon us, us gentlemen often require something to ensure the elements are kept well and truly at bay and a sturdy pair of gloves will be one of the cornerstones of this. This wonderfully stylish pair from Simon Carter beautifully combine leather and wool for the most dapper of finishes and suitably protected digits for the cold winter months.

Simon Carter, £100 (Available at select Fenwick stores nationwide)

4. The Card Holder

Quintessentially British and a lesson in luxury, Mulberry are the British accessory brand with a worldwide reputation and simply are too good to be ignored. Today’s modern man will invariably want an understated card holder and we’ve encountered few better out there than those from Mulberry.

Mulberry, £90 (Available at select Fenwick stores nationwide)

5. The Hamden Bag

For most modern men of any sartorial standing, one's bag will be a key component of their overall look and as far as luxurious carries are concerned, Belstaff are right at the top of their game. A prime example is their Hamden Bag, unparalleled in luxury, and made from soft leather, it is billed as the bag for the ‘seasoned explorer’.

Belstaff, £875 (Available at select Fenwick stores nationwide)

6. The Tie

A tie maketh the man some might say. Well, this may not be strictly true but the tie is definitely pivotal when it comes to making a style statement and Paul Smith knows this better than most with a frankly unparalleled collection of ties (and bow-ties for even more sartorial occasions). Ranging from the understated to the striking, you’re sure to find a design that matches your tastes and outfit.

Paul Smith, £80 (Available at select Fenwick stores nationwide)

7. The Glysdale Watch

Barbour is a brand that requires no introduction and we’re understandably delighted that they’ve branched out into the world of timepieces. The Glysdale watch is just one first-rate example of what they’ve got in store for horology aficionados.

Barbour, £175 (Available at select Fenwick stores nationwide)

8. The Socks

Every man needs a drawer dedicated just to socks but they also need to ensure they fill it with the best. That's why we recommend Ralph Lauren. Stylish, understated and most importantly comfortable, the designs will deliver in all departments and with a veritable multitude of patterns to choose from the hard part will be picking just one.

Ralph Lauren, £35 (Available at select Fenwick stores nationwide)

9. The Scarf  and Glove Set

Winter, particularly in the UK, is an uncompromising beast and it pays to be prepared. Barbour are well-versed in crafting superb accessories and their Lambswool scarves are both stylish and wonderfully warm and teamed with a pair of dapper Barbour gloves, there is no more stylish protection against the elements.

Barbour, £59.95 (Available at select Fenwick stores nationwide)

10. The Fountain Pen

Montblanc are a brand synonymous with quality and refinement and no man should be without a fine writing instrument, which is why a one of their stylish fountain pens makes our top ten. Wonderfully luxurious and supremely well crafted, a Montblanc will add a touch of class to any gentleman’s breast pocket.

Montblanc, £385 (Available at select Fenwick Stores nationwide)

Feature image: Savile Row tailor Richard Anderson's collaboration with artist, Barry Kamen.

By Leo Davie